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  1. Hi All - I have an Azure Server 2019 data centre edition which is only being used to run a Unifi wifi controller (no file shares etc). I tried installing ESET complete and it failed, and after adding ESET File server security via the MSP portal I cant seem to create an installer for it. Can anybody suggest which version of ESET i should be using to protect this 2019 server? I notice Data centre edition is not in the supported 2019 versions for file server security also.
  2. Several weeks into this I finally got a response asking for the email domain, which was provided in the original ticket. Starting to think this ECOS product and its support levels are not fit for purpose.... I have had to leave it turned off for weeks, which leaves my clients without their contractual levels of Cyber security. Terrible.
  3. Thanks Peter, very much appreciate the assistance
  4. Sadly no solution yet, I had a response 2 days ago and then quiet. I guess they dont know either
  5. Hi Peter, Thanks for your reply, ticket is 00184548 and it was opened on Friday. I have not seen any phone number for ESET support? Cyber security is required at weekends as well as working hours, and i would expect any cyber security provider to cover these hours. I have had to disable ECOS until I can get some kind of ESET support (still not answer). I sugggest ESET need to review these hours since the launch of ECOS, as it may be possible to disable AV on endpoints for a few days but central solutions such as ECOS should not be disabled every time an issue develops due to lack of support I did some digging at the weekend and the SPF records for the sender are wrong, however this is via a long chain of suppliers so i have no ability to contact their IT. Surely my whitelisting on ESET should be able to resolve this? ESET ECOS says the sender is on a cloud blacklist however i suspect this is ECOS wording for "failed SPF". Thanks Chris
  6. Problem is back again! Seems to be emails with attachments going to Spam despite the policy! Anybody able to help? On the verge of getting rid of the entire solution as there seems to be no support whatsoever
  7. 72 hours later the policy kicked in, I guess ECOS is very slow to update. Concerning absolutely nothing from support!
  8. Hi - I have raised a ticket but no response yet for this. I have configured a domain (example.com) within an approved sender list which is applied via a policy to a tenant. I know the policy is applied as it is applying the text to the subject line as part of the policy. Despite the domain being applied in the approved sender list as "@example.com" 12 hours ago, emails from the domain are continuing to be marked as spam and moved to Junk. Any ideas of how to stop this happening? It is causing huge impact due to some automated systems booking overnight freight. I can see in ECOS "Detections" ECOS is still recognising as SPAM and moving to Junk. See filtered logs in screenshot. Any thoughts? Chris
  9. Hi All - I am looking to upgrade our users from ESET Entry to ESET Complete to make use of the Cloud Office security as well as Dynamic Threat defense. Users are a mix of Mac and Win 10. In the Windows policy I can see the setting to enable Dynamic Threat Defence however nothing is visible in Mac policy, does this mean Threat Defence licence would have no impact on a Mac? Thanks Chris
  10. Hi, Quick question before I deploy a change out to our clients using ESET. If I enable dynamic threat detection in the policy and the endpoint only has an ENTRY licence, will dynamic threat detection simply not work without giving the user any warnings etc? My testing seems to show this, but wanted to double check. Don't want our clients getting warnings they don't have full threat defence until we are ready to roll it out ... Thanks Chris
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