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  1. It is good Avast managed to track the issue down. So, will SSL ever be supported for email client protection or is this a no-go?
  2. My Mac was running very sluggish this morning and I could see ESET taking up to 530% CPU. Rebooting seems to have solved it but there definitely appears to be some sort of issue under the hood.
  3. Email client protection is not actually protecting email clients using secure ports then? Completely baffling given secure ports are listed by default; even deceptive one might argue. And who uses insecure ports? Not those interested about email client protection I imagine So my takeaway is, users don't actually have the protection that the settings intimate they do, and this has been exposed due to changes in Big Sur which cause said protection that isn't there to crash? In which case, is it that this has never worked, but this was only made evident due to the changes in
  4. Ergo, there is no email protection in Big Sur for secure ports? Is this a feature removal?
  5. These are the default settings: Are you saying the default settings are wrong?
  6. Access to the forum is not ESET related and probably due to a flaw in the forum's login mechanism. I expect if I had a simpler password it would work. RE the crash, the whole Mac crashes on a fresh boot shortly after logging in. Everything freezes up and then it auto-restarts and displays a message stating it restarted because of a problem. It started after upgrading to Big Sur and uninstalling ESET seems to resolve it. I am fairly certain this is an ESET conflict of some kind and it happens a few times a month. I will capture the report when this next happens to see if I can nar
  7. I had another crash this morning due to ESET. I can't even login to the forum as it errors when doing so and I have to use the password reset to gain access?!? Is there any acknowledgment of the email issues and/or the crashes at startup?
  8. I can only assume Big Sur presented insurmountable challenges and these are why things are in a broken state. Apple gave me fair warning ESET would be affected and I upgraded anyway, and seemingly overeagerly, because I assumed ESET would sort it out. This is on me. I am however a little dismayed it has taken this long, but it is what it is, and we all have more prescient challenges at hand. I just hope they're working to resolve it as quickly as reasonably possible. I have raised my issues because they are not highlighted or addressed in the Big Sur compatibility page and I d
  9. It also occasionally causes MacOS to freeze and crash on boot up. This completely stopped once I had uninstalled ESET and occasionally happened again once I had reinstalled. This happens with or without Email client protection enabled. Yes, I can fetch mail if I tell ESET to monitor only ports 110 and 143. It doesn't solve anything though as I am not using ports 110 or 143, so, by setting it like this, I am in fact telling ESET not to monitor my email. So yes, telling ESET not to monitor email lets email work just fine.
  10. I have to disable Email client protection in order to fetch emails.
  11. Also waiting on this. Mail and Spark don't work on MacOS 11.1 with ESET installed ☹️☹️☹️ I was hoping this would have been fixed by now.
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