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  1. Someone please advise Marcos that we're not ESET software testers, we're final costumers that paid for a ready product. I tried to tell him but I felt he didn't listen.
  2. Dear Alana, this is happening due to the unfortunate and mediocre implementation of filters that lock all internet access, making all apps crash. Upon reboot as some apps are then offline, you're able to boot until internet access is restored. This is a brutally awful work by these supposed developers of ESET. Myself as many others have simply uninstalled it to prevent this from happening.
  3. I confirm that the Mac crashes on a fresh boot shortly after login. I received an update from our local distributor saying there was an updated version of ESET, so I proceeded to install: First error says its not meant for my OS version, as the new installer is for 10.12 to 11.0 but we're already on macOS 11.1 since December. Second issue when enabling the extensions ESET Cyber Security appears duplicated. Third issue after reboot the mac freezes until you have to force reboot. I assume this happens because of the -implementation of the network filter, that locks all internet access until it starts, making apps crash. Forth Issue the problem with the emails keeps happening. This version has absolutely no difference from the last, all the issues continue exactly the same. I downloaded the installer from the link provided by our distributor, but also tried a second time going to the international ESET site, exactly the same issues. The mediocrity around here stinks.
  4. As you have provided a number of incorrect and inaccurate answers to a number of topics around here I’ve seen, let us know when the message is coming directly from the developers and engineers. Thank you.
  5. Not a discussion I'm looking to nurture. Please don't use other companies as example for what you have wrong. Since when is this even accepted as a plausible excuse? This is mind boggling. Look up to the examples of who got it right instead of telling us the others who got it wrong.
  6. We don't use Avast. We don't care about "others", we care about presenting the best possible solution to our customers (we're on the IT business btw). There are many mediocre players on the market but that's not who we have as reference, and mediocrity is making way in an augmenting rate by the day. We work very hard to stay away from those people. Sometimes software comes to a stall and no new ideas come to the table, that's why some products die and others gain success, bc they reinvent themselves. Because software is evaluated every moment of every day, constantly. If we're taking time to come here and reporting this and giving pointers is because we want you guys to do it right, which will be good for your company too.
  7. Obviously. I'm not sure if you're deflecting or just playing dumb, but I obviously meant the implementation in regard to how it's active on the system, now if it was filtering L3 or L4. .......... This is irrelevant to the way of how the connection is implemented to be ACTIVE.
  8. Hi Martin before I uninstalled ESET today I noticed there was an update this morning. All our email clients started going off, connectivity to network devices was affected, and other sparse issues here and there. ESET had over a year (since the release of macOS Catalina) when it was widely announced that kernel extensions were being discontinued. If you go to Google and type "ESET legacy extension" you'll get thousands of images like this: However, they waited until Big Sur came out to state that "due to the recent changes on macOS extensions" while being caught unprepared and impacting macOS customers, not giving a damn about it. I've been reporting these issues since November, so far I've had ZERO acceptable answers, the software keeps decreasing in quality to each update, and instead of implementing the network filter properly are just wasting time crippling us users.
  9. Hi Marcos, I think you have mistaken me for an ESET Beta Tester or something alike. We have our own obligations and work to do, we won't be wasting precious hours to debug a crappy software that is the image of the people working behind it. We have completely removed ESET from our machines and we won't be installing it until we have a warranty that the problems are over. We have contacted out local ESET distributor to put a hold on our licenses until then. Moreover, I am again very sorry that you're still not getting the point about the filters. I have posted screenshots of how a proper implementation works, yet you're still here insisting on a completely abhorrent approach to this filter. Again, an approach at the image of the people behind it. Here's a proper Network Filter implementation: Here is the piece of ... implementation by ESET: Print this ticket and pin it to the walls of the dev's labs. Until it looks like the former, you're doing it wrong. The mediocrity is over the roof, for gods sake.
  10. Today we started noticing yet more email problems, random connectivity issues, and unable to SCAN from our network devices, although we could print to the same devices. After troubleshooting, removing and re-adding devices, installing new drivers, checking network and devices config, plus the whole nine yards on the network part, we decided to simply uninstall ESET as it has been the recent cause of all connectivity issues on macOS. As soon as we uninstalled ESET Cyber Security, we can scan again, no more problems with connections etc. So, I would like to ask how much more time will ESET require to fix this issues, properly implement the network filter without having it as a local VPN connection to localhost, and stop f*cking around. I definitely think you guys should fire a couple of devs and poach someone from Obdev for example, they for sure know what they're doing when it comes to network components on Apple devices.
  11. Hi Marcus, do you have an update on this? Also, sometimes after boot the VPN connection doesn't start which hangs my Mac while all apps and iCloud are trying to get internet connectivity. As our licenses are close to expire, we would like to know how much longer after Big Sur coming out will you take until delivering a properly working product.
  12. Thank you Marcos, IIRC these ports have been listed there for a while. I assume what is encrypted is the connection between two endpoints, that doesn't prevent ESET from analysing the emails after they've come out of the encrypted link.
  13. Hi Marcos, I haven't added any ports to no where. However, I did update macOS to 11.1 (from 11.0.z) before stop getting them mails. The ports configured on the app are the standard ports for IMAP (as for POP), so I imagine that is how it is supposed to be, it wouldn't be an effective email protection if it was listening to HTTP ports.
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