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  1. Ticket 201855 raised 14 September. Logs collected and "forwarded to Slovakia" that day by your representative from ESET UK Support.
  2. Please confirm: what exactly is the *current* status of this bug, according to ESET ? eg Not acknowledged as a bug / acknowledged but nothing more / fix in progress / partial fix available /full fix developed but no timescale / full fix available on dd/mm/yy ?
  3. ESET have confirmed that (a) there is no timescale for the GUI crash fix for 6.6 and (b) if a security problem is discovered in 6.5, it will not be fixed, ie 6.5 is unsupported. This leaves us with no alternative but to replace ESET with another product, in order to comply with Cyber Essentials. We are not happy, to put it mildly.
  4. Peter: remember I had to uninstall ESET from all our PCs, in some cases using the uninstaller tool plus manual hacks, and reinstall. Will this not have overwritten the logs of the failed / confused installs? So are you in effect asking me to uninstall 6.6 completely from one PC, reinstall 6.5, then push 6.6 from ERA and see if it fails or is confused - then send you the relevant logs? W
  5. Re upgrade/uninstaller problems: tech support has not asked for logs. They might have extracted relevant logs when they dialled in for a remote session, but they didn't say they were doing so, and they may have focussed only on the GUI crashing bug. W
  6. Thanks John, it's reassuring in some ways - and not, in others - to find we are not alone. We also have been seeing all too many of the "file not found on server" errors. W
  7. Hello All Looking for help from fellow users, because I'm getting none from ESET. We've been using ESET for three years now, with no more than the usual level of problems security software causes. Until now. 1) 6.6 GUI crashes on all our 60+ W7 PCs, 99% of the time. ESET have acknowledged a bug is responsible, but nearly three weeks after I raised the ticket, they're saying they have no timetable for releasing a fix. Anyone else suffering the same? Any workarounds? We need the GUI to manage ESET and especially to help manage the process of tightening our defences (ESET and others) to comply with Cyber Essentials. 2) Endpoint Security 6.5 installed to c:\program files\ESET\ESET Endpoint Security. 6.6 installs to c:\program files\ESET Security - ESET say that they are changing all their variants to install to this common folder, instead of each having their own named folder. Unfortunately ESET seem to have made a mess of this. Pushing 6.6 from ERA results in some PCs having both installed, some in none installed, some with both installed and fighting over which is operational, some with both installed but neither operational. The Start menu sometimes shows both. Uninstalling from ERA doesn't work properly, unsurprisingly. More worryingly, even the latest ESET uninstaller tool doesn't seem to recognise the new folder names or start menu entries, so I have little confidence it is really uninstalling the product properly. For now, from affected computers, I have hacked out ESET using all available methods plus manual, then reinstalled clean (hopefully) from ERA. Again, anyone else affected? Even more than the serious nature of these problems, it's the lack of effective response and timescale which concerns me. Comments, anyone? Look forward to hearing from you William
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