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  1. AppCrash_UpdaterService.e_3f7dba9e679cb17fdebaec64c5ce9b7dfecabb_3076b009_c9e58383-e622-4fb9-8d0c-aef0f75ee25a.zip
  2. I suspect... Is there anyone, who configure Software Restriction Policies on user account folders? tomasS: How can I send you Eset log collector?
  3. After upgrade SMC to Protect 8.0.1238 I made upgrade task from Agent 7.2.1266 to ReadUpgradeStatus: Upgrade of Agent from version '7.2.1266.0' to '8.0.1238.0' failed. Unexpected updater service Win32ExitCode 0x42b Client: Win10, ver: 10.0.18363.1198 (64bit) Server: ESET PROTECT (Server), verze 8.0 (8.0.1238.0) ESET PROTECT (Web Console), verze 8.0 ( Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard (64-bit)
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