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  1. I have also this problem with OpenSUSE Tumbleweed with recent kernel. When i disable and enable eea service, the detection don't work and malware are not detected. I must retart my computer every time is very slow. I'm waiting an upgrade very soon ... i hope ...
  2. No specific emplacement. You put it on your desktop, open a console, and, in the correct directory, entry the command...
  3. The file eeau.x86_64.bin should be executable for launch. Run: sudo chmod +x eeau.x86_64.bin and after sudo sh ./eeau.x86_64.bin
  4. You write the exact file name like eeau.x86_64 (the default file name)
  5. Hi Marcos, My reseller will refund the license shipped yesterday. After that, where i can buy the license for endpoint linux with specific price for NOD32 linux desktop user (since 2011....). Thank you for your help,
  6. Sorry but i have only linux licence, i don't use windows systems. My licences are for 2 computers for 3 years (until 09/2024).
  7. Hi, I have the same problem. I want to convert my v4 to v8. Can you help me ? Thank you
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