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  1. Well--I think I fixed it. It wasn't just having to get rid of the homenet.dat file--it was also getting rid of the other 2 (basically the same 3 files I identified in the original post). Doing that cleared the field AND allowed a new network scan to be conducted. And doing that gave me objects that reflect reality. So, in summary, all 3 homenet-related files need to be removed or renamed while in Safe Mode. Thanks for the assistance. Regards, Mike Gentry
  2. Thanks, Marcos.... Looks like I need to contact support and raise a ticket. Removing the file as you suggested while in Safe Mode, wiped the field slick, alright, BUT, now the "Scan Your Network" button is greyed out, now, so the ability to generate a new scan result appears to be non-existent.
  3. It's been a long while since I've posted to this forum (last time was 2014), as I've not really had many issues, however, I am having one now, so here I am. So, the Connected Home Monitor is sort of cool, but it has been around now for several releases, and I still see some quirks with it--and this time, I am finding I cannot do something, specific and it is annoying the out of me. What started this was the procurement of a new router. I upgraded from a Netgear WNDR4500 to a Nighthawk AC2300 (which appears as R7000P in the Monitor). And my first attempt at the cut-over did not go
  4. I had this exact same problem back in May. I opened a Customer Case (1177427), but no solution was really found. I "solved" (or so I thought) the problem by adding my subnet to the Trusted Zone. This solved the problem for close to a month, but an unrelated issue caused me to have to execute an "In-Place Upgrade" of Windows 7 to restore functionality lost by the manual removal of (alleged) End-of-Life of msxml3.dll (this according to Secunia PSI). The In-Place Upgrade solved my loss of functionality of Windows, BUT, it also caused my Eset blocking Internet problem to return--and this time,
  5. //Final Update Customer Care wound up having a few other clients with the same reported problem. One thing in common was we all had Realtek as our NIC provider. And Customer Care tried to solve the problem by having those clients add their respective subnets to the Trusted Zone--just as I had done, but, unfortunately, their problem was not solved. Don't know if this is noteworthy or not, but Realtek did release two NIC drivers very close to one another in early June (which is uncharacteristic for them in terms of release cycle--usually they may go several months between releases). D
  6. //Update Many log files and various attempts have been analyzed and suggested--without finding a specific cause of the problem. Customer Care floated the notion perhaps I should consider operating without the firewall and just continue using AV. Not wanting it to come to that, and not accepting that as the final answer, I did some more poking around on the Internet. In so doing, I stumbled across an older Wilder's Security forum item which sounded a lot like my problem.... In the old case (see hxxp://www/wildersecurity.com/threads/lost-access-to-home-network-after-installing-eset
  7. //Update Connected with George L. w/ESET Customer Care, 5/30 Friday evening. We tried several actions to no avail, but did capture some more logs (PCAP as well as the previous evening's Procmon logs)--all of which were ftp'd back to Eset (for eventual transfer to Home Office). Heard from George again, today, Monday 6/2, with something else he wanted me to try in the meantime--namely, re-enabling the Eset fw driver (it's currently disabled so only Antivirus protection is running). One of his colleagues suggested I try running the firewall in Learning mode, so I re-enabled the driver, and
  8. //Update The previous evening's missed appointment seemed to have stemmed from First Tier support entering my phone number into the appointment system incorrectly--resulting in last night's missed window. However, this evening I was finally able to connect with George L. from Customer Care. He witnessed first-hand the problem I reported, and he captured some data via SysInternal's Procmon application, but his work day concluded before we could ftp the results for further analysis. I have something going on Thursday, so we're getting back together on Friday to upload the captured informa
  9. Peter, Thanks for responding. I do have an open case with Customer Care, but as of this writing, they're not responding. I raised the case Friday evening, and spoke First Tier support, but was told it was too near closing time to resolve with Second Tier--and I had to wait until Tuesday due to the holiday weekend. So waited I have.... On Tuesday, I began "camping" by my telephone waiting for the promised Customer Care return call starting at 7PM Local (Eastern) (the agreed upon time 7:30 local--4:30 Pacific)), only to receive an email message at 7:31 PM (local) from Customer Care
  10. Long time user of ESET, but am a bit aggravated at the moment.... There are several matters contained within this post--I've detailed them and summarized them at the end.... I installed the latest version of Smart Security. Beyond the usual problem of having to use the Eset Uninstaller (in safe mode), and the fact one is told you can install safely over top here in the forum (right within the thread that announces the new version), but on the download page it is RECOMMENDED you uninstall first.... For me, the last several years, it's not a matter of "recommendation"--I have to do
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