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  1. I want to setup ics on windows xp to give my other pc win 7 internet access. I have blocked www.comone.co.zw on xp using eset endpoint security web control so does the web control also filter and block the site if it accessed by windows 7 or you will have to block it manually on windows 7
  2. so how does the firewall prioties repeated rules eg which one of the rule is followed a rule which blocks iexplorer or which allows iexplorer
  3. DEAR DEVELOPER Im typing this message suggesting ideas on your eset smart security firewall since there are many issues concerning your firewall Your firewall is easy and I love it but at the same time I dislike it. I found that I make the same firewall rules and the firewall gets confused FOR EXAMPLE I can create a rule that allows Internet explorer traffic and create another which blocks internet explorer traffic. Both of the traffics are Inbound and Outbound. This makes the firewall confused and this issue has to be fixed by creating a new Zone and Rule Editor which only allows
  4. hie helpers and developers i work at a cafe. I monitor the cafe on behalf of my manager. the cafe started since way back and we have been in trouble because people downloaded files and programs which were infected and crashed our computers .the computers for users are desktops and we have 43. After a while me and my manaer bought ESET ENDPOINT SECURITY and bought a license for fifty computers. We also setup the mirror server with default settings such as port 2221 for providing updating through http and many clever people would hack using wifi to update their eset endpoint products. We tr
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