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  1. How did you find the ESET Security Forum? A friend from Wilders Security Forums suggested I sign-up here. Why? Because I recently bought Perfect Photo Suite from OnOne Software and it does not work. Their tech says it is because I have ESET Security Suite 7 running and that many of their other customers have started to have the same problem recently. I hope to get some help here. What OS are you running? Windows 7 What AV are you running? ESET Security Suite 7 What’s an interesting fact about you? I do private research about nuclear plants (reading news articles from all over the world) and as a result I get different viruses. The triple meltdown in Fukushima really sparked this interest for me. I had Kaspersky Internet Security about 4 months ago but noticed some virus like activity being allowed to happen so I tried ESET Security Suite 7 and I have not noticed any virus like activity since. I was happy until I recently bought the software program Perfect Photo Suite from OnOne Software and found out that I can't run it because of my ESET Security Suite 7. I like ESET too much to uninstall it but I also want to run the photo management program I bought from OnOne.
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