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  1. Hi, AFAIK No, ESET does not use the Win firewall. I wonder if the Win firewall was ON during the time you had ESS installed(before you uninstalled it). The Win firewall should be turned off when you have ESS installed and let the ESS firewall do the business. Though it shouldn't be the case I think, since afaik the Win firewall should get disabled automatically when you install ESS. But maybe it wasn't disabled for some reason and that's what caused this issue having two firewalls on at the same time. Or everything worked as it should, the Win firewall was auto disabled during install and got enabled automatically after you had uninstalled ESS again. I'm just thinking out loud about the possibilities that something went wrong that's all. But it's good to hear that you finally got it working No the Windows 7 firewall was not running while ESET was, it only turned on after I removed the ESET Suite from my computer and did a computer reboot. Sorry for not previously marking this problem solved. If anyone missed it problem fixed by: 1. Removed ESET Suite from computer 2. Reboot computer 3. Install OnOne Perfect Photo Suite 8.5 (prompt from Win7 firewall to allow program to call out - register) and told Win7 firewall yes. 4. Install ESET Security Suite B) Problem solved!
  2. I tried setting up rules for the program using ESET with the firewall in learning mode and a few other ways but none of those worked so I did uninstall ESET. GREAT NEWS! After I uninstalled ESET I was able to activate the OnOne Perfect Photo Suite 8.5 software just as their TECH said. After ESET was uninstalled and I tried to activate the OnOne software, my built in Windows 7 firewall asked me if I wanted to allow OnOne to access the internet. Of course I told the Windows firewall yes which I assume ESET uses to setup its rules during a new install. I now have ESET installed again and both seem to work together nicely. It would be very nice to have ESET & OnOne work together to correct this problem so their customers do not have to (uninstall AV & Firewall protection) go through the wasted time & trouble I did.
  3. Here is the recent email I received from TECH help from OnOne Software: As a last ditch effort, I will uninstall ESET as they asked. I do believe that I already posted within this thread that I have tried creating exclusions through ESET for the complete OnOne Photo Suite 8.5 directory and also the .exe install program. Since that did not correct my problem, I fear that they might just be suggesting a fix that they have not yet proven to work. For this reason I will do a complete uninstall of my ESET software, then a computer reboot, CCleaner register clean, then another computer reboot before i try to install the OnOne Perfect Photo Suite 8.5 software. I do not have time to work on this today but I plan to work on it Sunday and I will post my results here when finished
  4. Update: I have been working with TECH help from OnOne trying everything that they ask of me. They have not yet given up and neither have I.
  5. Well that failed too as seen in this picture: I have 3 user accounts on my Win7 system. Yes I created all 3 of them and have full rights as the ADMIN. I installed the Perfect Photo Suite 8.5 program while under the master/ADMIN account. It is from this same user account that I am trying to use the program so there should not be any problems in a perfect world. I know that I could uninstall ESET and try that but even IF that does correct my problem not being able to run the new software program I bought, it creates a much bigger problem for me because I refuse to trust anything but ESET as my systems protection. It is funny to read the error message suggest that I try to install the program again because over the past several days I have countless times along with downloading again from OnOne Software in hopes that maybe something has changes and a new copy might work. Any other ideas?
  6. As I look through the "advanced setup menu" for the first time, there are several spots where heuristics is mentioned. I assume that is HIPS? Which settings exactly are you speaking about? I just made an exception within the advanced menu system of ESET for both the install file .exe and also the directory that it creates & uses. Now I will try to install it again with a fresh reboot.
  7. As much as I was against shutting off ESET firewall & AV during the install (not in fear of the OnOne software but rather anything else that might attack me) I did try that with no change in results. ESET has never given me an alert either to indicate that it is blocking anything during or after the install. I was directed through an email from the OnOne TECH staff to run a license.exe file that comes with their program install (found within the program files folder) which I did. That license.exe program is used to activate the program software without loading up the Perfect Photo Suite program itself. I tried using the license.exe program with my paid key and I got a Windows error saying that the program does not have permissions, but Windows give me no other information to go on how to correct it or what is blocking it. I have different user accounts on my computer and this was under the ADMIN user account. I even tried within Windows to drop down my user account privileges to the lowest level and still can't get the license.exe program to call home correctly outside my system. I really have no proof myself that ESET is blocking/cause it other than what the TECH me. It seems odd that he would tell me that ESET was the problem unless he knew for sure. This is very odd.
  8. I bought the program Perfect Photo Suite 8.5 standalone from OnOne Software and I spent close to 6 hours over 3 days trying to get it to work. I ended up speaking to a OnOne company TECH who said that it is my ESET Security Suite 7 blocking the Perfect Photo Suite 8.5 standalone version from working. I was told that many of their customers now have the same problem as of recently due to being blocked from ESET. I came here because I like ESET too much to leave it, but I also want the photo management program to run that I paid for. Any help would greatly be appreciated! B)
  9. How did you find the ESET Security Forum? A friend from Wilders Security Forums suggested I sign-up here. Why? Because I recently bought Perfect Photo Suite from OnOne Software and it does not work. Their tech says it is because I have ESET Security Suite 7 running and that many of their other customers have started to have the same problem recently. I hope to get some help here. What OS are you running? Windows 7 What AV are you running? ESET Security Suite 7 What’s an interesting fact about you? I do private research about nuclear plants (reading news articles from all over the world) and as a result I get different viruses. The triple meltdown in Fukushima really sparked this interest for me. I had Kaspersky Internet Security about 4 months ago but noticed some virus like activity being allowed to happen so I tried ESET Security Suite 7 and I have not noticed any virus like activity since. I was happy until I recently bought the software program Perfect Photo Suite from OnOne Software and found out that I can't run it because of my ESET Security Suite 7. I like ESET too much to uninstall it but I also want to run the photo management program I bought from OnOne.
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