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  1. It doesn't seem to work. The right part of the image shows how I have the path name (already in a saved condition) but ESET now spams me (the left part of the image) with all the (already configured connections that Slack wants to make to internet. So it doesn't match the rule anymore.
  2. Description: Configure manual firewall rule for applications in a folder, instead of a specific executable Details: I have my firewall in manual modus so I get a notification that a specific executable/program is connecting to outside the computer, or when an incoming connection is detected which is handled by a specific executable/program. I use this practice so I feel I am in charge what is going on in my computer. However, the rule is configured for a specific executable in a specific folder on my computer. In most cases this is no problem, but for programs that install updates in a new folder each time, this brings up notifications after the program update is installed, because the existing rules don't match the new executable location. This also creates many many rules in the firewall rules list which are unnecessary because only the most recent created rule is used and the other (old) rules for that application are not effective anymore because it points to an executable that is not used anymore. So for example: Slack Slack is an application to chat with others. Slack is often updated. Each Slack update is installed in a different folder. My latest version is installed in: C:\Users\myName\AppData\Local\slack\app-4.9.0 The previous version was installed in C:\Users\myName\AppData\Local\slack\app-4.8.0 I don't control the installation location myself, so I cannot change the folder where it's installed in. After an update of Slack, I get several notifications that Slack in the new application folder, needs permission to make internet connections. This is annoying. I'd rather see that the firewall permission rule can be set on a folder, so whatever application version is running in that folder, it uses the same rule. For example in Slack, I want to set the rule for a folder: C:\Users\myName\AppData\Local\slack I don't want to omit the executable setting in the rule itself, because then ALL application may connect to that specific IP address+port, or may handle the incoming connection on a specific port. I think that's less secure. Another example is an application called: OfficeClickToRun.exe It is situated in folder: C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\ClickToRun\Updates\16.0.13231.20200 The application wants to access Microsoft servers, which I allow. But each update I have to re-allow this. If I can set the rule for folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\ClickToRun\ than I am done for every update which will be published. Another example is: Discord It is situated in folder: C:\Users\myName\AppData\Local\Discord\app-0.0.308 I think I have given enough examples to explain the problem. I hope you can do something with this feature request.
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