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    WhiteHat_PT received kudos from Aryeh Goretsky in blitzhandel24.pt - Caution!!!   
    Hi Jorge Melo. Thanks for your feedback and contacting us at ESET Portugal, Unfortunately we have in fact identified similar situations from other purchases of ESET licenses sold by Blitzhandel24 e-commerce sites.
    The situation is under investigation and we advise our customers and potential customers to buy only from ESET official websites or official e-stores - in Portugal that will be https://www.eset.com/pt, as Marcos wrote.
    It's likely that one can find other e-commerce websites in Portugal selling ESET solutions (home products) but please be aware if the seller is registered in Portugal and not only using a .PT domain (while having commercial registration in any other country).
    * Customer advisory *
    Please consider that buying a cheaper ESET license from anywhere else from official websites or partners can result on:
    Product activation failure; Lack of official customer support; Unnecessary additional cyber-security risk; Be safe and protected!
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