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  1. Hello marco, I have same problem the sites is not blocking and alerts are also not generating. I have attached the log file as you requested. customer_info.zip
  2. Hello Marcos The block policy still is not working. We are implementing policy only for mac and we don't have windows. Can you look into this. Thank you, Abesh shakya
  3. Hello Marcos, The problem now its that, the sites is blocked but its generating alerts and sending email. It wasn't like this before. I have attached the evidence.
  4. Thank you Marcos, I will try it and let you know if it works or not.
  5. Hello, We are implementing policy in Eset web console for blocking sites. But sites are not blocking in my pc (mac Big sur version 11.1). I have attached file, the policy in ERA management, result of sites not block, version of my eset antivirus, and mac version. I think though the sites is blocked but eset still generate the alert and send email. The blocked sites notified with different language. The blocking policy was working but now why its is not working. Thank you Abesh shakya
  6. I will contact the conjars.org. Thank you for support.
  7. Hello, Is there anything we can do. I have talked with my developer teams , the project is running on intellj. The file pom.xml redirect to the url hxxp://conjars.org/repo/cascading/cascading-test/2.0.8/cascading-test-2.0.8.jar/data/url+page.200.txt hxxp://conjars.org/repo/cascading/cascading-test/2.0.8/cascading-test-2.0.8.ja This keep up generating alert notification. Can you look into this sites it is safe or not. If the sites is suspicious for trojan than I will blocked. I have also attached the pom.xml screenshot that redirect the url.
  8. Hello, My developers team want to download to code from the following sites. But the Eset antivirus is blocking and notification with torjan alert. The download connection is terminate. May i know why the site is blacklisted. hxxp://conjars.org/repo/cascading/cascading-test/2.0.8/cascading-test-2.0.8.jar/data/url+page.200.txt hxxp://conjars.org/repo/cascading/cascading-test/2.0.8/cascading-test-2.0.8.jar
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