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  1. Hi Marcos, I haven't seen the module update you said would be released. Where can I access that? Would the update be installed automatically?
  2. Hi Aryer Goretsky, thanks for the initiative to find out from users the needs for the security program. 1a. If something can be done in ESET to "kick out" foreign devices in home network, that would be great! That may be the function of the router. But if we can have something in ESET that can do this, that would be good, as I don't really trust the privacy of my router that much. Maybe this is a tall order. 1b. OR if there is any help to prevent the scenarios below from happening on the part of the security program. I understand some of these situations could be due to infected rou
  3. I assume these are IoT devices. Could be Smart phones, TVs, hell .... even your refrigerator. Hi ITman, I appreciate you showing how different network scanners work. There are no other smart devices at my home (no printer or smart appliances). In normal circumstances, I would see the router and only the laptop tapping on the router. Even the cable TV setup box does not appear (though something else did appear consistently in the past, which I presumed to be the TV setup box). Now as in then, when there is unexplained infiltration, I will see devices in 2G network (without the
  4. Thanks, Marcos. Look forward to your newer creation. So you do the programming. If there can be some standard setups for different kinds of considerations and requirements in the home network, so that people who don't know much about security can simply choose and click, it can add an user friendly dimension. ESET is very detailed in its settings. Those who know how to operate them, would appreciate it. So an systems engineer recommended it to me.
  5. So Marcos, it means there is no real network protection if the setting is put to "public". My issue is that there are devices with foreign MAC addresses in my home network, so I set it to "Public". If I change it back to "home" would that help to get rid of these devices or prevent them from entering the network? And what settings should I have for ESET to disallow file sharing, laptop discovery, or multicasting on foreign devices, etc in a home network? Would these settings be available? (There many settings that I need to understand what they mean before I can adjust them. Any help on
  6. Hi Itman, I have changed the physical wifi network from "public" to "home". The name of the router for the problematic computer is still WanConnectionDevice, miniUPnP router. No change to details at all. There is also the same network devices on it as shown as when it is a public network. The network setting is back as public. By the way, I did not change to "home" the virtual network 5 and virtual network 7 that shows up as connected network to the computer together with my wifi network, that I know by name. I do not know if it is safe to change these to "home". And why are there these
  7. Hi Marcos, I attach the file you need. Thank you for going through it. Hopefully there are some leads. homenet.zip
  8. Hi Itman, Slashrose and Marcos, appreciate your thoughts on the issue. My computer and two others are all using the same network (at home but set to public for fear of files being shared between computers, as there had been computer looking alike pretending to cross over the 2g and 5g network, and foreign device). All three have ESET security installed. Only my computer gives the foreign router name, while the other two have the router labelled with "ASUS name + last 4 digits of MAC address of the router "(which I assume is the naming convention of ESET? If not, then this name, which loo
  9. Thank you for the advice. I hard resetted the router, and have used a very strong password. After I did that, the router's name in the network scan had not reverted back to the correct one. Could using a VPN cause a change of the name of the router (to WanConnection Device, Mini UPnP router)? But when I disconnect VPN, the name of the router remains foreign.
  10. Hi, the network scan of ESET shows that the name of the router that I am using has changed from the usual ASUS model to "WanConnectionDevice, mini UPnP router", with the same IP address of my original router. Is this a cause for concern? Has my router been taken over by something else, or am I connecting to something that has piggy-backed on my router? The strange thing is that my husband using the same network reveals the correct name of the router in his ESET scan. I have experienced some surveillance of late in my phone, network and living environment: -Cars mostly with skylig
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