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  1. > it runs under a different name: It is wrong. It is in Resolved. Inspect Eset privacy policy: https://www.eset.com/int/privacy/
  2. Yes. This is my question. I contacted ESET and would like to get an answer from ESET and ready to fix any issues if they exist.
  3. Take a look at the list of AppEsteem certified companies and you will find many interesting. Also, this report gives a lot of information: https://cleansoftware.net/reports/
  4. Unfortunately I don't know what are the specific reasons. I know the ESET begin detection after publication on AppEasteem. I release the updated version and the claims were removed. But I did not receive any feedback from ESET.
  5. 😞 But I hope it is a good sign. May be someone from the ESET lab will take a look at our case. UnHackMe works since 2005 and never detected by ESET before July 3.
  6. The good AV labs reply to the requests. ESET is only one from 63 who puts requests right directly to the recycle bin.
  7. I asked in this topic : https://forum.eset.com/forum/30-malware-finding-and-cleaning/ Why the support did not respond to 3 weeks? Instead of answer, administrator closed the topic. Is it normal for ESET?
  8. Hi, I am waiting for reply from ESET AV lab since July 3. I sent e-mails to samples@eset.com. I installed Nod32 antivirus and sent files from Eset application. I have 2 registered requests: SR00031552, SR00031653. I asked every 2 days about news and always got answer about the delay with answer from antivirus lab. 18 days! Is it normal? I see on Virustotal 1/63: www.virustotal.com/gui/file/8fdf2db318fa4f0a92053ea8b197b5a078e4054ac7f196961c92a44c80714b8b/detection It is only Eset. Anyone can help?
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