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  1. Hello Guys, Well I for one just removed Xbox Gaming App and everything worked fine. Then proceeded to reinstall the OS to have everything "clean" but did not install the Xbox app from the store Everything is working perfect for one week now. I am searching where I can leave some feedback regarding the Xbox app, I am sure that the product team is not aware of the conflict.
  2. OMG, THIS WORKED!!!! IT IS THE SAME DAMN XBOX APPP!!!! OMG 10 Days of troubleshooting!!! Love you itman, i removed xbox app and it is working without any issues, did 3 reboots.
  3. Hello, I have the same issue, exactly the same one Also have the XBOX App installed. One reboot is OK, I can right click and reboot but the next os load is bad, i can't access my drives start task manager.
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