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  1. Hello I didn't have time to test this weekend but I have more informations: Computer still hangs after a software reboot: disabling all ESET tasks changing HIPS filtering mode from Smart to Automatic reinstalling Nod32 with default settings (without using import/export settings) adding xvdd.sys to HIPS > Driver always allowed to load Computer doesn't hang at boot: after a power cut or hard reset uninstalling Nod32 disabling Real time protection disabling all Media to scan in Real time protection (local, removable, network) I
  2. Just remembered something. Is it possible that this is caused by the Xbox App installing a virtual disk driver (when using Xbox Game Pass)? I could see a new drive labeled : "msft xvdd".
  3. I will try those two things this weekend. No, fast startup has always been disabled on all my computers. The computer hangs after a full reboot from the Windows menu or via the reboot command described earlier but doesn't hang if I completely shutdown the computer then power on or by pressing the hardware reset button.
  4. 13.2.15 was previously upgraded via in-product update some time ago (maybe 1 week? I don't remember). I did not use any installer. Considering your question about rebooting after upgrade, I must specify that I have "fast boot" disabled and when I reboot or shutdown, I use a custom command ("shutdown.exe /s /t 0" and "shutdown.exe /r /t 0"). This was a leftover when Windows didn't fully reboot or was constantly trying to reload my program at start. I still use those commands nowadays. Also please note that when I uninstalled nod32 and saw that it made the problem disappears, I tried to rei
  5. Hello, I have noticed a weird problem on my computer. When doing a "soft reboot" by using the restart button in Windows, the system hangs at next boot just after the NOD32 icon tray shows up. At this moment, I notice that if I right-click my desktop, I got a infinite spinning wheel, I can't start most of my program and explorer.exe is not responding. I can't shutdown or restart the computer at this point (hanging at "Restarting") so I hard reset the computer. Computer starts again and works just fine after a cold boot or a hard reset (no hang). Then if I process to restart via the Wi
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