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  1. Thanks for the info. My modem/router does not have this feature, at least not as clearly defined as in your example, so I guess I have to cross my fingers. The initial problem has apprently been solved by resetting the router. However, I got Murphy's Law in return and have a number of other troubles to solve additionally. Thanks for the help to all!
  2. I am not there yet as I take my steps one at a time and presently my time is rather limited. I shall confirm of course as soon as I have taken the step and checked. Needless to say that I strongly appreciate the help from this forum, for which my thanks. Still, from the discussion above, nobody has explained to me yet what 'deny remote maintenance' means and how it can be achieved. Some clarification would be highly appreciated indeed. My modem/router is an Eminent EM4565 if that is of help. Concerning paswwords, I use a very complex and strong one at all times.
  3. Right! Some things to do then. It all seems so very basic but the truth is that one does never use all those commodities with today's machines, and their use/explanation have been lost or at least omitted with new PC's. Somehow this reminds me of the DOS machines of the past (yes, I am that old indeed).
  4. Oops! Overlooked the Maintenance>SysRetart window on the router :-) Sometimes the mind does not register what the eyes see. About disabling remote management, I certainly overlook something but I do not see anything on the router's windows that refers to that. So I can access the router whether wireless or wired (the later when setting up at the start). What I have done in any case is setting the ACL to a restricted number of IP's, and I have restricted communication to only my LAN by using MAC address filter. I suppose that should do the job.
  5. That had indeed crossed my mind. I am puzzled though as the threads mentioned in the KB have not been found on my PC by Eset. As far as I know it is clean. A couple of questions derived from the KB: My router does not have a reset button, how can I go back to default settings? What is remote management? is that management in wireless mode instead of management using a network cable between PC and router? Thanks for your patience.
  6. Hm. I am almost sure I did not create a rule. However, I have set now everything to standard. Problem now is getting the PC in safe mode. F8 does not seem to do anything during startup...
  7. For the second time (first was in April and the problem disappeared spontaneously after a couple of days) and since May 28th, I am unable to use Google and its attendant services like gmail or youtube. The problem started with the firewall blocking GoogleUpdate as shown by the example from the Filtered websites log of Eset: Attempts to start Google invariably result in a time-out or - when typing directly the address - in blocking communications. From the same log, this example: I have checked the filters of the firewall in Eset but they appear to be empty, so I do not know what the mentioned 'internal blacklist' means in this context. Maybe related, or maybe not, the Personal Firewall refuses outgoing communication for svchost.exe: Has anybody idea what is going on and what could be done about it? Thanks! Note: I am using Windows7, Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird. ThomdeG
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