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  1. Hi, I just added it right now. But the weird thing is without adding it, it works on another unit running on Sierra OSX.
  2. We setup web control on our OSX device and it works but on OSX Catalina, it seems not reflecting. Is there an compatibility issue with Catalina and ESet?
  3. Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I am testing with https websites and I have already removed port 443 on Web Access Protection, but the the issue is still the same. Is there any other changes I have to do in order for it to work on OSX?
  4. I have created a rule for Web Control on ESMC, it worked great on Windows machines. However, its not the same for OSX machines. I have installed both ESet Endpoint AV and ESet Endpoint Security for OSX but Web Control is not taking effect on OSX. Is there any config I need to do in order for it to work on OSX?
  5. Hi, I am trying to create a report for Web Control. However, it's not getting any data. I checked on the Diagnostic logs (Device Control, Web Control, etc.) on ESMC, but it is blank. When I checked on the client, there are log entries for both Web Control and Device Control.
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