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  1. For two days I have a serious problem with ESET antivirus on two different computers. One is stationary DELL Precision Workstation with an old version of ESET AV on Windows 7 and the second is DELL Precision laptop with ESET Endpoint Antivirus 6.3.2016 on Windows 10. After restarting each device everything is OK for about 10 – 20 minutes. During this period ESET software CPU usage is quite high (about 15 – 20%). And then suddenly I cannot open almost any webpage (sometimes Google is working) – ESET CPU usage drops to 0%. Internet connection is fine and ping is working but Firefox, MS Edge, and Chrome cannot load pages (with different errors). So I have to kill the ESET service process, refresh tabs and then everything is OK for a few minutes. After this everything starts from the beginning (cannot surf the internet, need to kill the ESET service process, and so on). Is there any other way to solve it, instead of uninstalling ESET AV?
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