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  1. Yes Eset is not officially sold in Iran but we can buy it from neighbors like Turkey, or UAE. it's strange why Iranians can't use ESET directly. maybe it's USA Sanctions or something else.
  2. Here you can meet 7 best antivirus in Persian. if you read it carefully ESET is the writer choice at the end. Yes, unfortunately we can't buy ESET directly and it's a really bad news for all Iranians.
  3. It's been more than 5 years I've use ESET software on my computer and ESET is the best for me. here are some reasons I still use this Boy: Inexpensive Easy-to-use interface Good malware protection Secure browser for online payments Fast scans Lots of useful extra features Small system-performance impact File encryption, hardened browser extension, webcam protection What else do you need for your security? for me having a VPN access is the one but it's not a big problem. I very much appreciate your support ESET.
  4. it was the collection mode. new file is 1.5 mb 😀 I'll send you a personal message. thanks for your help.
  5. Okay. so log is created but it's over than 100mb. is it safe to share it here?
  6. How can I do that? I did something but all files are empty
  7. So as I trust the software I can add it to exclusions without any worries?
  8. Hi All. After an database update I got in trouble with My Meta trader 4 [it's an executive version from Emofid company] ESET detected Malware on it and removed all .exe files in this software folder. for know I added this folder in Detection Exclusions but can someone check this app and tell me it's safe? Donwload link from company site: https://emofid.com/media/45376/mofidtrader.exe
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