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  1. Planet, I was doing exactly what you did, comparing and found that HTTPS and IMAPS etc. are not there....a few of us stated that in the non-pro forum, but I'm new here, I see your remarks are pinned (not sure how to do that), but i wanted to ask, do/should these items be submitted via user feedback area to get more traction, or do we have to just wait for random admins to see and hopefully bring up? Thanks
  2. Also, under the Mac Cyber pro, it would seem a user has started this thread and pinned it, which carries our complaints and others for feature requests. So, we'll see how it goes? Although, no forum admins have said anything, but maybe just maybe it will make it in? https://forum.eset.com/topic/2286-ideas-feedback-for-cyber-security-and-pro/
  3. bld, Well, I'm trying to be semi-nice here, don't want to get banned, but..... Anyway, supposedly McAfee supports Apple Mail (maybe a few others, but not in the top 5 ratings), but since ESET has a better scan rating in that top 5, hopefully these type of comments will make their company step up to the plate and be the better AV company that not only crushes a lot of the competition, but actually fully supports what people use 98% of the time...Apple Mail and it's default settings (secure mail). However, we'll just have to see...if that day comes, I think they will have the opport
  4. bld - I hope you've found a product that actually does what it should, scan email properly, if so, can you direct me to such? I was almost going to click purchase for ESET for my family Mac's (3 of them), but I will no longer do this now, as I can just keep using Sophos (since it doesn't scan Apple mail either) and it's free. It's very sad that the "user" has to "request" such items, and the true cold fact, is they WON'T request this "feature" just like most users wouldn't know to request it in the Windows world either, but it's there for them anyway (guess they somehow got requests)
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