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  1. Thanks Marcus and yes we're having a look at these various products at the moment.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Today we got the issue on a PC where we'd uninstalled ESET and have since found the problem with a rogue DNS server left over from the previous install. Guess it's always easy to blame what you don't know! We quite like the look of ESET and are considering changing vendors so good to see we've not had actually had an issue with it.
  3. To update we've still had no issues on the PC's where we've uninstalled ESET and one more occurence on a PC still running ESET where the user had no AD auth after logging in. For this one we logged off\on and it was OK then but at lunchtime in the middle of them working they lost authentication again. We removed ESET and rebooted and it's been OK since.
  4. Yes so far it's gone away on the 3 PC's where I've uninstaleld End Point. It's only been 3 days into a new install so I've not tried putting it back on to prove the problem. It's Endpoint Security I've installed, whichever the latest version from the download site.
  5. Hi I'm new to ESET having just taken over a client who's got a license so sorry if this question is a bit vague. We've just installed a new network for this client with a Server 2019 AD domain and Windows 10 Pro clients joined to the AD domain. I've installed the ESET End Point on the client PC's and have pretty much left the settings at default. I'm getting an intermittant issue with the users logging on. They can login in OK but once Windows loads their Desktop etc. it's as if they lose their login connection to the server. Mapped drives etc. are unavailable and it's as if they've logged in with a local user and then try and access resources on the domain. If I manually enter their credentials again on the pop-up box then they get reauthenticated and can work OK. It doesn't happen every time, maybe 1 in 5 logins. ESET is the only thing that's different on this setup to the last 20 or so sites I've setup so I was wondering if anyone in the ESET community has seen this before? I'm "blaming" ESET as so I've uninstalled it on 3 of the PC's and so far they've not experienced the same issue although it's only been two days. Guess it could be something else of course. Thanks in advance. Andy.
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