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    Retired Law Enforcement, 22 years. I wish I would have picked up a few more outside hobbies during my years of working, but I've been an avid reader all my life, so that's pretty much what I love to spend time doing.
  1. Ahh that's the "Quote" function , if you want to quote someone then press the Quote button and then add your own message under or over the quote window, that way it is easier to know what member you responded too, @Kathyhl works as well of course. OK sounds like a plan, if you have questions about Malwarebytes then you can always start a new topic in the "General" forum section and we'll do our best to answer them. Thank you all for all your help!!
  2. SweX, not sure how you wrote in the same box to me, but it's pretty neat. I need to learn more around here . I will check Malwarebytes, and thank you. Right now I've stressed way to much over this last program, so after I deleted it from my pc, I just added the media coverage from ESET, and for now am going to try and keep away from the pc for awhile. But at least I now have a place to start with Malwarebytes when I start again .
  3. Thanks SweX, I still have gotten no response from Trojan hunter, so I'm deleting the entire program from my pc and have been looking at this program called Trojan Remover that I can d/l from the MajorGeeks site. It looks like it could be a good one. It's just such a shame that the tech support for Trojan hunter has gone down to pretty much non existent. A year ago I told my sister to d/l it because it was so good, so she paid for it but was having problems getting it going, she tried to contact them numerous times, but was never responded to. She lost her money and I blame myself. Trojan Hunter is there for the money only, then you no longer are important. How horrible for anyone else that is steered towards them . Which is just another reason why I value ESET so much. Hard lesson learned for me I guess.
  4. Thanks Arakasi. I did go to the site and saw the list with the Trojans, however, I'm confused as to why I'm picking up Trojans with another program after I've run a complete ESET scan? I trust ESET with everything, but I was told years ago that I would also need a Trojan program to go with it. Needless to say, I'm just more confused now. I'd like to delete Trojan Hunter from my PC, and buy one that actually has good tech support. I was just hoping ESET would have a specific Trojan program. But thank you for taking the time to help me.
  5. Thank you for responding Arakasi. Now my only question is do I have to have a certain ESET program? What I have is ESET Smart Security7 Version 7.0.302.26. It never lets me know anything about Trojans or worms. I always had to run the Trojan Hunter to find the Trojans, and I always ran that after I ran an ESET scan on my PC. Thank you, Kathy
  6. Hi, my name is Kathy. I've had ESET for over five years. I'm running Win7Pro, and had ESET half the time I was running XP, until last year when I went to 7. I love ESET, and it always steers me in the right direction, and certainly helps me make some major decisions. I actually do have a question. I have been having problems with a Trojan program, so came into ESET to see if they had a Trojan program, but I don't see one. I've been running TrojanHunter, but recently had to restore my PC back to a time just before I extended it for another year. Now I'm not receiving any help at all from the techs, so I have no Trojan program running. Does ESET have anything that could take care of Trojans and Worms? If not, does anyone have any idea as to a Trojan program as good as ESET is in everything it does? Thank you, Kathy
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