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  1. Ah ok. thanks I cannot find a list of browsers ESET is fully compatible with. Could only find information on endpoint security. Where is a link or info for NOD32 or internet security? please hep with a link...
  2. Oh no there is a reason to use it. I would like to see if the web site is safe before visiting it. The question is can I use it with ESET internet security? Or does maybe ESET have an alternative extension?
  3. Hello Forum, can I use eset internet security with Chrome browser and add to browser the “Norton safe web” extension? Will it somehow block each other? Thank you
  4. When buying the license it asks you to create an account. So my question is do I control everything from the program on my pc or is there a chance of using the account for parental control or similar stuff. I can imagine e.g. a husband sharing a key within the family and then having some information about the PC of his wife. I am asking because I had to avoid Sophos Home where you control a lot from web interface.
  5. Thank you for the reply. It helps. So I do all the settings from the program? The account can be limited only to license management? And this limitation cannot be extended from the account only from the program right?
  6. What bothers me with using ESET is the ESET account. If someone has access to it, can he remotely lock my PC? Or find out my location? What is possible?
  7. Oh no. I will provide my e-mail address (no email verification is needed). Assume somebody has bought a product key and activates his installation using my e-mail address (also no email verification asked). will his installation then be associated with mine?
  8. If I install trial version of ESET internet security an email address is asked for activation. what if someone buys ESET online and provides the same email address? Will my installation be associated with his installation?
  9. Thank you for the reply. I saw already “ESET boxes “ here in German stores. When I fetch one I can for sure avoid providing my e-mail address? Just install and activate using key in the box and everything will work?
  10. Is it possible to test ESET internet security without providing e-mail address and name? Is it possible to use ESET later and activate it without providing personal data?
  11. This is exactly the information I am looking for. Thank you for the information. Can I also use a multi device license for three PCs and no account?
  12. I would like to use ESET without creating an account. Is there any possibility to do so? I could buy a key „offline“ in a normal store.
  13. I have a question about the eset account. I will use eset for multiple devices and therefore will need an eset account. I need to use an e-mail address as an account name. If my email gets hacked and somebody has access to it, can he also gain access to my eset account? If so... that literally means that he also has access to my PC and data on it?
  14. Is there any difference between „Multi Device Security 2019“ and „Internet Security 2020 for 3 Devices“. I will need Nod32 for two Linux PCs and Internet Security for one Windows PC. Can I install the same product using one of these suits I mentioned above? Or will I get only an old version (2019) with the Multi Device Security?
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