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  1. Hello Itman, thanks for the suggestion. This is a very good solution but I cannot find this option in my account. Can you please provide the information how to setup it? Thank you very much in advance
  2. Hello all, I have two questions: 1. Is it possible to set up two factor authentication for accessing my.eset account for home users? 2. Can I see the log in history in my account? Thank you very much
  3. Thank you for addressing this topic. Unfortunately it does not answer my question. I need an official statement (link to a site or documentation stating the supported browsers). If I use chrome browser and get infected associated with financial losses I can get refund from my insurance company (proper use of the software proven) since such kind of issues are covered by my insurance. By the way I prefer to use Brave Browser and Yandex browser.. as a customer I expect not to be forced to do extensive research to find official ESET statements and to be compelled to consult the insurance company at the same time.
  4. The title said it all. ESET is lacking a statement on which browsers are supported by web access control feature. Other security companies state this information in their system requirements page. After extensive search I can conclude ESET does not have an official statement on supported browsers regarding THIS FEATURE. Is it right?
  5. Ah ok. thanks I cannot find a list of browsers ESET is fully compatible with. Could only find information on endpoint security. Where is a link or info for NOD32 or internet security? please hep with a link...
  6. Oh no there is a reason to use it. I would like to see if the web site is safe before visiting it. The question is can I use it with ESET internet security? Or does maybe ESET have an alternative extension?
  7. Hello Forum, can I use eset internet security with Chrome browser and add to browser the “Norton safe web” extension? Will it somehow block each other? Thank you
  8. When buying the license it asks you to create an account. So my question is do I control everything from the program on my pc or is there a chance of using the account for parental control or similar stuff. I can imagine e.g. a husband sharing a key within the family and then having some information about the PC of his wife. I am asking because I had to avoid Sophos Home where you control a lot from web interface.
  9. Thank you for the reply. It helps. So I do all the settings from the program? The account can be limited only to license management? And this limitation cannot be extended from the account only from the program right?
  10. What bothers me with using ESET is the ESET account. If someone has access to it, can he remotely lock my PC? Or find out my location? What is possible?
  11. Oh no. I will provide my e-mail address (no email verification is needed). Assume somebody has bought a product key and activates his installation using my e-mail address (also no email verification asked). will his installation then be associated with mine?
  12. If I install trial version of ESET internet security an email address is asked for activation. what if someone buys ESET online and provides the same email address? Will my installation be associated with his installation?
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