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  1. I try to make new installers for remote installations and it works with RemoteDeployment toll, I don´t know where was the problem 😞 On some machines, where the new installers cannot works (ie "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. (CopyFile of bundle installer failed with 0x20)" I was tried the Agent live installer localy (MartinK advice) and it works too. I think we can close the ticket. Thanks so much for your help.
  2. Why I need to use http proxy? Server and stations are in the same network. How can I test the Eset repository accessibility from the target machine? If I try to install agent via Agent live installer locally with the same settings as remote installation, the agent was installed correctly.
  3. I tried to install Agent via RemoteDeployment toll, and looks like the same problem. RDT shows the succesfull installation in the installation report, bud the agent aren´t on the computer. I will try to instal via GPO 😞
  4. I need to instal ESMC Agent on domain computers. On some PC's is all right, but most of it no. - all computers are in the domain, same subnet as ESMC server, there are Win 7 Pro or Win 10 Pro - for the agent installation I used the server task and agent deployment from ESMC repository, with the domain admin user - after run of the task on all computers (ESMC detect all computers corectly), 7 computers installed o.k., about 35 computers installed by the execution detail in task, but agent is not installed and computers didn't communicate with the ESMC - on the target compute
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