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  1. Fairly new to ESET Endpoint Security. Is there a way to export the rules I have set? I am wanting to have a second set of eyes but do not want to give access to the EDEM console. Thanks in advance! -V
  2. I have an environment where we pushed Eset Endpoint Security through Automate to our systems. Currently Eset firewall is disabled. HIPS is disabled. (these are planned for later use) When pushed it apparently disables windows firewall? Internally users have a network firewall but at home of course is where the problem occurs. Before someone says, enable the ESET firewall, we plan to do in the future. ESET was a quick response to a license from another vendor not being renewed. Is there some setting within ESET that is turning off Windows firewall? Is there a way to get windows firewall to turn back on these systems? It is already a GPO to be on.
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