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  1. No, I haven't created a support ticket... at this stage, if I had a box, I'd throw the damn stuff out of the window. I'm about another 30 minutes trying to sort it out, then it's the studio manager getting his had in his wallet for some decent stuff. - just one other question itman - and cheers for your support, i appreciate your help, version 8 used to work fantastic, can you still download it and get a/v updates through it?
  2. So, updated my VMWare as per guidelines prior to 1909 Windows update. Uninstalled ESET (also as per general guidelines). Did Windows Upgrade to 1909. Reinstalled ESET, Got all these problems. I haven't marked anything as a public network. I believe windows firewall did that automatically just on the default VMWare NAT adaptor when I upgraded (which I believe is probably a good thing right? - I don't particularly want VM's to be able to access my LAN unless I need it, never thought about it before). So I just "stuck with it". Never had anything this stupid in my life. How do I get
  3. Yep, just as I thought. Even when I fill in the Trusted Zone myself as follows: When I physically add a rule to the firewall using "Error: nonexistent zone", thinking I've clicked on "Trusted Zone" (that's what the default option in the drop down list is telling me remember, I only see "Error: nonexistent zone" if I double check what ESET has just added to my firewall, then I get this as the actual firewall rule - and ESET lets me proceed and add it in without any kind of warning. So just to be clear - the second rule (in which I intended to let this application only communicate in t
  4. OK, so, coming back to this thread after a while off (because I dont like to see them unresolved if I may have answers to help someone else in the future). Uninstalled ESET, removed any directory remnants, used avremover_nt64_enu.exe and the old esetuninstaller.exe. Used the script I mention here AND didn't import any old configs (started again with my firewall rules, which - I might add - hurt): Thought I'd cracked it - couple of reboots later the problem came back. Tried the following on an elevated command line (I found after a lot of searching around): "C:\Program Files\
  5. Exactly the same as jimmerthy above, but I'm not going to gangbang his thread or write "same problem". Problem is.. it's a security risk. People sometimes add firewall rules like automatons, because it's a "routine thing". If this "none existent zone" problem happens (pops up) and ESET actually LETS you add it to a firewall rule do YOU know what implications that has on the rule or the software? Do you know if I've just given the entire world access to my local area network? Does anyone actually know what a none existent zone actually is? I don't. Hardly trustworthy is it? I'm used to Tr
  6. So my physical network adaptor IS listed as a "Home" network and my VMWare virtual adaptors are listed a "Public" because I dont want or need them on my local network (just need them to be able to have internet access). But... remember... After removing EVERYTHING and doing a clear down (removing virtual adaptors using VMWare virtual network manager) resetting windows networking (flush DNS - everything!) - all I was left with was my physical adaptor (set as a Home network). I then installed ESET from fresh and got the nonexistent zone error and the trusted zones not populating (that was
  7. I don't know if its applying them, but it certainly isn't showing them in the Zones. As you can see. Most worrying really, is the fact that I've removed EVERY single trace of ESET after uninstall, from Registry (searching for ESET in registry mechanic), ProgramData, Users, Common folders, etc. (there wasn't much left) - Then I did a complete network reset, using Windows Settings / Network and Internet / Network reset. Reset my C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC\HOSTS file to: # Copyright (c) 1993-1999 Microsoft Corp. # # This is a sample HOSTS file used by Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows. #
  8. Following on from this problem (which was never really resolved - apart from exporting and re-importing a modified eset configuration xml file, I had / have / exactly the same problems. I also use the latest version of VMWare and had a virtual NAT VMWare adapter (VMware NAT8). I think it got introduced (the problem) of Error: nonexistent zone appearing in new firewall rules - when I changed both my real network adapter and this virtual adapters IPV4 and IPV6's DNS details to AdAware's DNS Servers (they support both IPV4 and IPV6 DNS servers, so I changed those in both the real and virtua
  9. HA HA HA HA HAR!!!! YES!!!!! Really have sorted it this time. So, I turned off HIPS and noticed Both Windows and ESET Firewall are both turned off message completely disappears. Turned it back on, read through the various HIPS options and found "Enable Deep Behavioral Inspection" and thought to myself "anything with the word deep means slow". So I turned it off. Now ESET firewall registers correctly with WMI Security Center without time out. I'm guessing that ESET Deep Behavioral Inspection keeps a list of all your uncommon or none standard exe files (probably compares exe files
  10. Think I may have solved this. Just testing it out now and it seems a hell of a lot faster. I cleared down HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Compatibility Assistant\Store - which listed virtually every single exe on my system and disabled compatability assistant in the group policy editor. gpedit.msc Computer Configuration Administrative Templates Windows Components Application Compatability Telemetry - off (Enabled) Compatability Assistant - off (Enabled) Inventory Collector - off (Enabled) Steps Recorder - off (Enabled) I've
  11. OK, I'll have a go at logging I think. itman, yes all detection parameters section are at their default and the full scan was allowed to complete across all drives. running process monitor (procmon) and logging through that, it appears that ESET is going through the entire registry (software and installation sections) looking for installed programs, taking note of executables and the like and then performing a scan on those related files (procmon registry and file logging). repeatedly, it seems to be doing this every time I start up (like it will first scan through and get to -example- Steinbe
  12. Hello. I have a quite heavily loaded system I used for audio production (lots of drivers, lots of data). Being able to "get to work" on the PC (without ESET) takes about 30 seconds after the desktop initially loads. With ESET it's taking about 10 minutes. Even though it's booting from EVO-850 SSD. I'm using ESET which I beleive is the latest and Windows version 10 Pro, 10.0.17763. I HAVE TWO PROBLEMS 1. Message shortly before the system actually lets me do some work. Message: "Both Windows and ESET Firewall are both turned off". The "Network Protection" section appears in red th
  13. My PC just updated to Windows 1809, so I decided to try ESET Smart Security 12, but even after I let is scan my entire PC, it takes about 20 minutes scanning my PC on every boot. It's mixed SSD (250gb) and SSHD (2 TB). It's a well loaded system, but ESET 9 takes about 60 seconds to finish the start-up scan. From what I've seen on-line, this seems to be a common problem with ESET after version 9 onwards. If that's how much of a system hog ESET is now, I'll be saying 'Farewell'. (in both cases I always remove Startup Scan from the scheduler). I find this resource hogging absolutely horrific and
  14. As a programmer I often have to change the date on my PC to test out the logic of certain scripts and calendar events. (Of course I change it straight back after I've compiled, executed and tested the programs I'm working on). However, I've noticed a major flaw in ESET Smart Security 10. Setting the date to (for example) 1/1/2050 renders "Real-time file system protection" completely disabled. It doesn't matter if your connected or disconnected from the internet before you change the date. It doesn't matter if you immediately change the date back and/or reboot. The only way to re-enable
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