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  1. Sorry for the late reply, but yeah I looked into the features of Internet/Smart Security, however since my computery needs are relatively simple (I don't do online banking, don't have access to the router etc), I figured NOD32 is sufficient for my requirements. Thanks for the recommendations, though, I'll definitely suggest Smart Security Premium to my father, who's in charge of most tech in the house and does pretty much everything SSP offers protection for.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm Mal and I just bought me a NOD32 license a few days ago, after eyeing it for a while and giving it a trial run beforehand. Very content with the product so far. Decided to join the forum to hang out and sometimes ask a question or two if I run into any problems down the line. I'm a 23 year old long-time computer user, focusing mainly on digital artwork/graphic design but also gaming, dabbling in 3D modeling, and hoping to get into programming. My computers are currently running Win7, but I'm planning to upgrade to 10 soon. As for interesting facts about me: ESET is one of my current hyperfixations, I've read up on so much material about the company and I love the robot mascot to bits. Anyway that's all, nice to meet you everyone.
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