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  1. I met on the internet that someone entered "443" port here which is dedicated for HTTPS connections and on MacOS this filter as the name suggests only filters HTTP so this also caused problems with eset_proxy (blocking/overloading).
  2. As I mentioned earlier, my statement was about "Eset Endpoint Antyvirus" because the problem has affected me in this version. It is "parallel" to Eset Cyber Security, but for business solutions, so I deduced that since it looks like the business version problem disappeared in beta, which should be available to everyone soon, the same will be with version for home users. That's why I wrote this comment. And of course, version numbers for home and business products can be different but it's still worth waiting for the update release and check if the problem disappeared.
  3. The lastest public is: 6.8.400.0 Version that I had the opportunity to test: 6.8.633.0
  4. I have some information. I contacted Eseta premium support. After many e-mails and trying to find out what causes these problems, they have provided me with the latest beta for ESET Endpoint Antyvirus which will soon appear in public. At the moment, I can say that for each person whose problem occurred in the new version did not happen even once. It seems that at the time when Apple announced that Catalina will not work with 32-bit programs they hastily prepared "any" version to work with it and finally the version that will appear is improved and well prepared. Also works much more efficiently (smoother?) than the current one. Cheers. Hope that new version of home edition also will be free of that problem
  5. Hi Is there any known solution for MirrorTool (parameter maybe?) not to download the entire offline repository for all languages but only for selected ones? It needs a maximum of 2-3 languages and downloading all the others is a huge waste of disk space. Regards
  6. Cant you just install Golang in vm thats running Eset to get what you need? Just download newest instalation file from official website (https://golang.org/dl/). Thats crucial software form Google. Or we really need to use the article? Threat: Suspicious SHA256 d47ee6c131ff0ac62a086e4aaef6cae380db4cb379dcbd75648ef764e99be90d MD5 2c44b103ce33322717e7730bc4d50d3b SHA1 e8634af666d2de3ddc34a79d27d4b05c84cd9f18 *go1.13.7.windows-amd64.msi After instalation Eset starts to remove files from C:\Go folder while "Windows Search Engine" try to access them.
  7. Same problem here. Without reason Eset Endpoint Antyvirus start to block golang. Critical issue.
  8. Same problem at Eset Endpoint Antyvirus (6.8.2) Any solution?
  9. By policy with ESMC. Time for a ticket. The funniest thing is that the problem only applies to Windows based computers. I did not notice any problems on Linux or Macos endpoints.
  10. I deleted the schedule and set a new one for a different day and time. Nothing changed. scans start every day (but with the new time) even though i choosed the scan once a week! I had no problems with it before. Version 7.2 is a drama. I had to delete this scan schedule and run it manually when i need.
  11. My eset endpoint began to behave strangely after upgrading to 7.2. Every day at the same time the scan "on-demand" begins. I don't have anything like this set up anywhere in ESMC, I didn't change anything there. There should be one scan (exactly at the same time as the unwanted daily scans) once a week. I checked twice if there were any new options in the console that could cause it. I didn't find anything. It kills the performance of my endpoints! Has anyone had such a problem?
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