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  1. Same problem at Eset Endpoint Antyvirus (6.8.2) Any solution?
  2. By policy with ESMC. Time for a ticket. The funniest thing is that the problem only applies to Windows based computers. I did not notice any problems on Linux or Macos endpoints.
  3. I deleted the schedule and set a new one for a different day and time. Nothing changed. scans start every day (but with the new time) even though i choosed the scan once a week! I had no problems with it before. Version 7.2 is a drama. I had to delete this scan schedule and run it manually when i need.
  4. My eset endpoint began to behave strangely after upgrading to 7.2. Every day at the same time the scan "on-demand" begins. I don't have anything like this set up anywhere in ESMC, I didn't change anything there. There should be one scan (exactly at the same time as the unwanted daily scans) once a week. I checked twice if there were any new options in the console that could cause it. I didn't find anything. It kills the performance of my endpoints! Has anyone had such a problem?
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