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  1. We also experienced this issue on Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 (x64). Reverting to ESet FS vers 4.5 solved the issue for us.
  2. Occasionally we will have a user that will click on something they're not supposed to and end up with a compromised email account. Then their account will send out thousands of emails to various addresses. Is there anything that ESet Mail Security can do to prevent this? We are running version 6.2, but still have had this occur. All clients are running Antivirus 6.2 also. Any help or suggestions? Thanks, -Rick
  3. Using ESET Mail Security for Exchange, under the AntiSpam settings, you can add a domain in the "Allowed Senders" or you can add a domain in the "Allowed Domains". What is the difference? Also, if I were wanting to allow any Gmail for example, would I enter "gmail" or "gmail.com" The help file does not explain this very well. Thank you for any assistance, Rick Beaber
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