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  1. Many thanks MichalJ, My Apply flags are correct but your 2nd picture -> Settings -> User Interface -> Protection Statuses -> Send to ESET Security Management Center -> Unticking the Operating system is not up to date, seems to have been the solution. Kind regards
  2. Thanks Michalj, I have created a new policy to apply to the ESMC Agent but unfortunately didn't stop the OS out of update notifications. Below is a list of the policies applied to the Mac clients, where the settings have been applied as described in the initial posts. Policy Product Policy Name Settings 1) ESET Management Agent = Our Company - Connection Connect every 15 minutes: Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Operating system Untick Report if operating system is n
  3. Just found another tip, so have followed and applied the recommendation but after 2 hours the update alerts still appear on the Dashboard even though the clients have sync'd. Any other suggestions please?
  4. Hello, I have successfully disabled OS update alert notifications for our Windows Servers and then followed the ESMC 6 guide to disable ESET Mac OS update notifications in our ESMC 7 https://support.eset.com/en/kb6124-disable-macos-update-notifications-in-eset-remote-administrator-6x and have done the same within the custom policy that the Macs are using but unfortunately the notifications still appear, even after a week. I have also manually disabled the notification option on one Mac ESET client, as a test but the ESMC Dashboard still reports the Macs as operating system is
  5. Kindly answered via email by ESET Technical Customer Care Engineer We have this documented as this is fairly commonly requested, this guide is available at https://support.eset.com/en/allow-external-remote-clients-to-check-into-a-central-eset-remote-administrator-server-6x although the guide refers to v6, it also applies for v7 Effectively, you will need to set the machines' Agents up with an externally resolvable address and have port 2222 available for the server, so that they get the correct address the moment that the Agent is installed. For machines currently with the Agent instal
  6. Many thanks for the continual support as currently have the new ESMC server communicating with multiple windows servers and Apple Macs on different LANs, along with a new Mirror Tool/Apache server. However, we have recently employed some new Mac users who will work from home, with occasional visits to the office, so my question is. Can the ESET Agent still communicate over the internet from their homes, back to our ESMC server to notify us of any threat alerts, if we open our Firewall to allow ESET traffic on the default port 2222 (or a different port if we change the ESMC server setting
  7. Thanks Michalj, it was your advice detailing placing the proxy settings into the Mac Agent installer, that fixed my issue as the Mac client is now reporting to the ESMC. I take your valid point that there is no need for the mirror tool when also using a proxy that will cache the updates anyway. However, I'm currently testing the mirror tool server works along with its Apache web server to deliver the updates to the clients. Now it is working fine I can point the majority of our servers towards the working Mirror tool, as they are on a separate network with no proxy. Many tha
  8. Having recently migrated from ERA to ESMC everything is working fine and successfully updating our multiple windows servers. However, some new Apple Macs have been introduced to our domain and have had the the Mac ESET Endpoint Antivirus 6.8.400.0 successfully deployed to them and they used to show an up to date Last connected Time within ESMC. These Macs are on the staff LAN that has a staff proxy, along with a couple of windows servers. So I add the proxy details into the generated windows File security Installers to enable them to communicate with the ESMC that is on a different intern
  9. Thanks Marcos, I will investigate why the update tasks are doubled but can't reboot the servers until next month's patch Tuesday. ** I examined the custom policy on the Security Management Center and edited the Tools -> Scheduler -> and unticked Regular Automatic Update. Then left that to propagate around to the clients and then reticked it again and that appears to removed the duplicate tasks. So the affected clients now only have the tasks set by that custom policy. However, there was one server that I had to manually remove the duplicated task for Regular automatic
  10. Thanks Marcos and totally agree since all of our servers are on version 7.1 except for 1 old server I've inherited that is due for retirement in the New Year and I don't want to be the person to reboot it, if I have to upgrade its ESET File Security for Windows server, as a reboot is unfortunately required during the ESET upgrade. Kind regards
  11. Does the ESET File Security for Windows Server 6.4.12004.0 reach its END of Life on 01/01/2020 or at the end of 2020? Many thanks
  12. Hi Marcos, thanks for the reply and I right clicked on the client's regular automatic update task in Tools -> Scheduler but the time didn't change for the last execution and the windows server still appears in the Security Management Center Dashboard Last Update > 3 days. Kind regards
  13. Thanks for the fast reply but no proxy being used and all of our other windows servers are communicating automatically, just not these 12 that had their windows updates last week.
  14. Everything working fine on all servers (2012 R2 & 2016) except for some that received windows updates last week and were rebooted but show their last update was over 3 days ago (9 days ago that ties in when they were windows updated and rebooted). However they all show they have communicated every day, including today and have no problem being manually updated, so my question is why they haven't been able to auto update and is there something I can do to make them auto update, please? Many thanks and kind regards ESET Security Management Center (Server), Version 7.1 (7
  15. Previously installed version of ESFW = 7.0.12018.0 (Deployed from ERA 6.4) and I have now found the policy setting to not do an initial scan on installation (Settings -> Detection Engine -> Enable Initial Scan toggle). Many thanks and our latest version = 7.1.12006.0 that is currently being deployed from the new ESMC v 7
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