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  1. Just installed this certificate (with the aid of internet explorer) in the collection 'trusted root certificates' and the annoying error when launching IE or Chrome is gone. This will do for me for now. Thanks again.
  2. Hello Michalj, Thanks for the info. I'll have a look at the knowledge base article Regards, Aad
  3. Greetings, Just did a fresh install of ESMC on a Windows Server 2019 Essentials machine (again). All the installation tasks complete okay as far as I can see. As part of the installation a digital certificate for supporting HTTPS (I think) was generated. I filled in the form describing the certificate details. When connecting with Google Chrome (or another browser BTW) the site is not trusted. I am able to go through this by clicking Advanced and proceed but would like to fix this issue. When I inspect the certificate bij clicking on the red 'Not secure' text left of the URL in the address bar and have a look at the certificate details the most of it is rubbish. See also attached images. Could use some insight in this matter and help here, Aad
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