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  1. Hello Can anyone provide me with the solution. I could not solve it. Please help me Thank you
  2. Tried as you said but didn't worked.. Please find the attachment file eis_logs.zip
  3. i have re-installed eset three time but shows same problem
  4. For the moment, we are not getting any activation issue. Is there any other issue of activation fail due to an internal error cause we are facing this problem frequently. Thank you for your reply @Marcos
  5. We encountered with ECP .4098 error also in last week during activation. Both shows an internal error message.
  6. It shows ACT0. Also can you tell me all the possible reasons for activation fail, an internal error has occur. Most of the answer were to contact technical support. Thank you
  7. Hello @Macros What about now? Is activation server working now ? Thank you for your reply
  8. Hello, I have been facing same error today while activating eset antivirus. Installation was successful but the activation fail. I have tried everything i knew. I think this problem is occurring due to windows update. Please help me to solve this problem. I have tried in two different computers but same problem. Thank you!!
  9. Hello Is it possible to decrypt files encrypted with the Nasoh ransomware from eset, if yes how?. My files were encrypted before installing eset. Thank you
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