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  1. Hello, I protect an RDP server with ESET Secure Authentication (2FA), everything worked correctly. This morning I created a new user, activated ESET Secure Authentication protection and pushed the application on his smartphone, he got the invitation from ESET (and the application is installed correctly). On the other hand, this user cannot connect ... and on the ESET Web console, it is indicated that this user has still not validated the installation (Incomplete setup). So I try it out by creating another user and this time with my smartphone. The problem is identical, the installation is done on the smartphone, but on the ESET console it also says "Incomplete setup". While trying to understand why, with, now I have a new error when I try to push the ESET application (Send application) on smartphone: FAILED: Unable to send provisioning SMS. Please try again later or contact ESET support. This is an emergency because these users cannot log in ... I know that I must contact the support (it is done, but are not fast ...), but I also wanted to know if it was not a general breakdown at ESET on one of their service for the 2FA. Thank you
  2. Hi, What's up ? Have you released a new version of ESET Deslock that is compatible with this update? Been a long time without updating, especially at the security level ... Thank you
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