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  1. Hello, I protect an RDP server with ESET Secure Authentication (2FA), everything worked correctly. This morning I created a new user, activated ESET Secure Authentication protection and pushed the application on his smartphone, he got the invitation from ESET (and the application is installed correctly). On the other hand, this user cannot connect ... and on the ESET Web console, it is indicated that this user has still not validated the installation (Incomplete setup). So I try it out by creating another user and this time with my smartphone. The problem is identical, the instal
  2. Hi, Since last ESET update (think 5.05 or greater), some of my users have problems for booting the system. They ave the message at startup (before login screen, and can't login) : "A TPM Mode was in use but the TPM failed to initialize correctly. You will need to decrypt this system" Users have to reboot or shutdown few times before they can have login screen. Windows 10 version 1909, ASUS Zenbook laptop. Thank you for your help
  3. Hi, Is ESET Encryption (Deslock) Azure AD compatible? If yes, what is the setting in "directory path" please? Thank you
  4. Hello, We currently have a problem accessing directories with long characters, exploring it crash and the logs indicate a crash of DlpMAFApi64.dll (see logs at bottom). The file path contains approximately 170 characters. On a computer that does not have ESET Deslock, there is no crash. If you go through a network drive, to reduce the number of characters, it works ... but it's not an ideal solution. ESET client version: 5.04 (5.03 also crashes) Do you have a fix? thank you in advance Détecteur d'erreurs , type 0 Nom d’événement : BEX64 Réponse : Non dispon
  5. Hi, What's up ? Have you released a new version of ESET Deslock that is compatible with this update? Been a long time without updating, especially at the security level ... Thank you
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