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  1. Running Superantispyware the problem is resolved. I do not know what exactly it was as it detected some 488 adware etc but now Chrome runs smoothly and fast. It is bad that Eset NOD32 could not detect it as I run a thorough in depth scan...
  2. I have the "AdBlock" extension to Chrome. But I will try that too! Thanks!
  3. I run Superantispyware and the problem seems fixed for now. We will see. Thanks for the info! yes I know about the dodgy antispyware applications.
  4. I have all these symptoms: slow internet, very slow Chrome, Facebook running very slow... What can I do?
  5. I have found this infection and I have all the symptoms described here: hxxps://blog.yoocare.com/how-to-remove-jsscrinject-b-virus-step-by-step/ Nod32 cannot find it. I found it with WiperSoft. How can I remove it?
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