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  1. A simple reboot on the server has solved the problem. Many thanks !
  2. OK sorry i wanted to send it in private but forgot at the last minute. is the machine running the Eset Admin console. It is a Windows 2012 server. Maybe an update has changed something. I will have a look. Thanks for your help ! By the way i didn't know the updates were being made through the admin console machine. It seems obvious for bandwidth reasons, but i thought i needed to "activate" it in some way, and i did not see any feature like this on the console
  3. Still not working for me when connection from our company internet line. I double checked the firewall but can't manage to find where does the problem comes from. I generated the log file with ESET Log Collector but it is 183 MB (the dump file itself is 421MB not zipped). How can i send it to you ? Thanks !
  4. I've got the same problem : update impossible and it says livegrid is unavailable too. For all my users.
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