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  1. Hi Marcos, Thanks for the quick reply. Assuming we are running our own ESMC on site, will it get those modules updates from ESET automatically? Once it does, will it push it to the clients? or do we need to initiate a module update? Thanks, Eli
  2. Hello Peter, When will these fixes be released as part of a new version? Thanks, Eli
  3. Is anyone else having the same issue? We have a case open with ESET and they seem to identify the issue but asking us to generate more dumps and logs - we were wondering if we are the only ones having these issue...
  4. Having almost the exact same issue! We have a case open with ESET but in the meantime we downgraded to version 6.5 because it was causing so many issues on our PROD SQL server. (I also have a post here)
  5. We had to downgrade ESET File Security on the SQL server back to 6.5, we have a case open with ESET trying to figure what's wrong but we can't operate in such unstable environment, we are even considering looking for a different solution...
  6. BTW, we tried uninstalling and reinstalling and after 2 days ekrn.exe is already using 1.4GB (it was ~20MB 2 days ago)
  7. So do you think its related to ESET installation or not? For us the server was up for 130 days with no issues until 4 minutes after we upgraded eset it started acting up...
  8. I sent you a private message with the link yesterday 🙂
  9. Can you please DM me your email address so I can share the logs and dumps with you?
  10. Here are a few screen shots from the event log: 3:25 the upgrade finish: 3:29 the first NIC reset for the first time, it happened a few times again that day with no specific pattern:
  11. Hello all, We recently upgraded the ESET File Security on we Windows 2016 server using the ESMC, a few minutes after the upgrade was done (and before we had a chance to reboot) the NIC on that servers starting resetting itself over and over - actually it happened on all 4 NICs on that server. (Its a Dell PowerEdge R740xd) Anyone saw something similar? It caused us a major production issue...
  12. We didn't realized Defender was running, we are going to work on disabling it across the board. Please note that we noticed the memory issue only on SQL servers at this point, we didn't check all the environment, so probably Defender is not the cause. I'm going to pick another SQL server which is having the issues and generate all the logs you requested shortly. Thanks!
  13. Hello, We are seeing an issue on a Windows 2016 server running SQL 2016 - current memory usage is 5.8GB growing around 2MB an hour. ESET product is ESET File Security version 7.0.12018.0, Server up time is 5 days. We are seeing similar issues on other servers running SQL, different server which don't run SQL are using much less memory. Is there a known issue similar to this? is it a configuration issue? or an actual memory leak? Thanks!
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