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  1. Thanks for this info. Is it possible to configure a routine which deletes the files after a specific time? E. g. older than 6 months.
  2. Hi everyone, I just surfed around in our ESMC to check some things. I clicked on More -> Quarantine. There are listed all threats which has been moved into the quarantine by the ESET endpoint clients since 2018. Is it recommended to delete this list periodely? Thanks.
  3. Hi, we just got the problem, that users with Notebooks, which are not connected with our network, are not able to get updates from our mirror. This is right and works as designed. But, they should get their updates from the ESET servers instead, don't they? I thought the clients get their updates from ESET servers automatically when mirror is not reachable. Global policy configuration, see picture (German). Thanks for help. is our mirror.
  4. So, I've just finished a call with ESET today. I delegated a Windows Server as a mirror. In the client default policy I configured that every client loads their updates from this server. The server loads all the updates File Security and Endpoint Security. My problem is solved.
  5. I am thinking about deploying a mirror client instead of a HTTP proxy. ESET recommends a proxy for large networks, but what means large? We have about 750 clients and 250 server to manage. What do you think? I know from other antivirus vendors they use a single server to download all kind of updates, and the sever delivers them to the clients. So only one server has to talk to the ESET update server. Is that possible?
  6. Hi @Peter Randziak Windows Firewall is off. The port is accessable via an external connection test.
  7. Hey there, we are using ESET in version 7 and I just deployed a Windows Server 2016 to be the HTTP proxy yesterday. I used the AIO installer. ESET Management Agent and File Security are also installed on the virtual machine. A quick test reaching localhost:3128 was successful. As a first test I changed the ESET Client configuration on my personal PC an put in the proxy adress. I used this how to: https://support.eset.com/kb6750/#ConfigUsernamePassword. In did not configure any username or password on the proxy. After I hit >Update< on my client error 0x210a shows up. Did
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