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  1. Glad to report the final update/resolution: It appears my video card driver was the source of the BSOD. This was interesting since I had a 4-month old driver that was nice and stable (kept it this way for certain applications). In any case, things can happen and I went ahead and updated my drivers--I'm confident this should resolve the issue. For those that are curious, my driver was Nvidia's v327 release (september). I'm just happy the root cause has been found. NOD32 has been running great! EDIT: After some research, it appears this is entirely linked to a recent is
  2. So this is interesting, seems like a brief review has detected no immediate linkage to ESET. Thankfully a closer look is being done. I guess it could be a nasty update to recent programs or even looming hardware failure. Until then, I'll maintain NOD32's diagnostic logging and research into any bad program updates (could be linked to firefox or even flash). I'm hoping to get an idea of what caused this in the 2nd dump review. Will keep everyone posted! EDIT: A cursory check around the web found a few BSOD experiences after the December 2013 Windows Updates (seems most were wi
  3. Thanks for the additional feedback Arakasi. I've considered this in the back of my mind but I'm confident things should be alright hardware-wise. Though my PC's been steady over the years, a couple of parts were upgraded over time. I'd consider it relatively modern and time-tested with good specs (maybe not the latest generation on a few things). Here's a brief overview if you're curious: CPU: Intel i7 920 2.66 Ghz RAM: 6 GB DDR3 HDD: Western Digital Caviar Black, 7200 RPM, 64 MB cache Video Card: GTX 580 I haven't run recent memory and HDD diagnostics, but the last tim
  4. Thanks Arakasi, I managed to upload my file but no word yet. Hopefully something interesting will surface--I'll keep this post updated with any developments. If anyone else has something to add or had a similar experience, feel free to jump in!
  5. Thanks for the quick response Marcos, following the directions right now!
  6. Hello, I recently made the swap to NOD32 and everything seemed alright until recently. In my 5 days of use (which included "heavy" applications, light browsing, varied usage) things have been okay for the most part. Just now however, I had a BSOD hit me out of nowhere and I believe NOD32 is linked. Circumstances of the Situation: Did a regular boot into Windows (nothing special). Started browsing on Firefox (had 2 tabs open which were a little heavy on flash usage). While scrolling through a tab, entire system froze (visually) then BSOD'd. Nothing else was running in the background
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