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  1. antivirus 8.0 on clients and file security 6.0 on server... if I remove the 8.0 on clients, it works fine... once reinstalled, it eventually starts slowing down the connection even with all the exclusions. Exclusions do not seem to matter... disabling the real time protection has no effect. This has not been a problem previous to 8.0 i am wondering if i went back to 7.0 if the problem goes away.
  2. I run a database program on our network. I have been using nod 32 for many years with this program with no problems. Since we updated our server to 2013 nod32 the program now takes up to a minute to open. I found if I remove nod 32 from the computer, it opens in 5 seconds. I have excluded the drive in nod as well as the the exe program. still opens slow... If I remove nod and reinstall, it opens a little faster for a few days then goes back to taking a minute to open. can anyone help me with this... Using Server 2013 desk tops are Win 8.1
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