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  1. Hi, I have installed EEA v.7 on MacBook Pro model MacBookPro17,1 and OS Monterey 12.3.1 and after a while I can not open some web pages only solution for now I found is to reinstall or uninstall EEA. I can not attached log files because size of compressed file is 174MB Any other suggestion to upload log files. Thank you
  2. HI Peter, if you want to use "send feedback from EEA ARM64 there is just option ESSP and my.eset.com Ok I installed arm64 windows and EEA ARM64 on parallels and if you enabe device control and you restart it there lust loading circle .... Only way is to reinstall OS and than later EEA ARM64. I also have installed Agent 8.0 which was connected to PROTECT cloud console. EEA is 8.1_2020 Thank you Matej
  3. Hi Michalj, thats good news if in next version would be possible to export users. Thank you, Matej
  4. Hi, is possible to export activate device to eg. cvs and review later and check which device needs to be deactivated. Thank you Matej
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