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  1. Thanks. I might try a custom scan, deselect all components, and then add each component one by one to see what level of scan GlobalProtect finally allows me to connect on. Would anyone know how a VPN client determines a full scan has been completed? Is there a flag setting in the registry that is set that the client refers to? I'm guessing there is some API that is used to garner this information. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I'm working remotely and log into my company's network via GlobalProtect VPN. The policy set up by GlobalProtect is to run a daily full scan within my antivirus software (ESET Internet Security) before allowing a connection to be made. I have a dedicated laptop that I RDP into which has the bare minimum install of Windows 10, that I make the VPN connection via. It takes around 25 min to perform a full scan to meet GlobalProtect's requirements. Is there anything I can do to reduce the scan time? It makes no sense to me that I need to perform such an exhaustive scan on a daily basis before I
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