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  1. How can I provide it if I only have the license code itself and cannot add it to license manager to get the public ID as stated in my previous reply
  2. Hi Marcos, That is correct, I had to obtain a trial license so that i can at least get this thing running again. I tried to enter my license into license manager, but I am unable to as I get " This license is used on too many devices.". I recall having installed the license on a few virtual machines for testing, and then I deleted those virtual machines. I noticed this error is related to a situation when a license is used in a different country than what the license has on file. So I don't understand whats going on. Yes, I purchased the license from a reseller. Thanks for any help.
  3. Hi, I had to downgrade from EIS 13.x back to 12.x because Pulse Secure wasn't letting me into my company's VPN and did not like EIS 13.x. However now I get Error Code ACT.33. Does anyone know what this means? I wish EIS had the ability to revert to a previous version, without having to make the user uninstall/reinstall/ enter in license code again. Thanks for any help.
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