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  1. A dark option for app lock would be very helpful. I'm frequently in environments where the bright pop-up is annoying - airplanes, presentations, studio, etc. This need not be a whole new setting with user interface. It could just be an alternative skin that's set from the state of OS night mode (getNightMode). Totally understand how the cosmetic stuff can be difficult to resource. However some of these are still important, as both quality-of-life enhancements and to keep pace with the OS and general platform experience.
  2. Possibly related to this... I don't recall if the secure indicator was working (or not), but within the past few days sites that were set to open in the secure browser do not. My default browser is Chrome, and previously a green-bordered, extension-less Chrome instance would open for my banking sites. I did notice that Eset had changed the sites' favicons in Chrome, but that has reverted back in the past few days. I can manually open the secure browser, and that seems fine. The sites are definitely set to use secure browser in Advanced Setup. I've also tried variants like adding www or the index.html landing page, with no success.
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