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  1. Okay, To be clear, I use strong passwords, unique mailboxes, don't include any personal data yada, yada, yada. But what you seem to be missing is that wheres I mostly sign onto boards using 10minutemail there may be many people who sign on using an active email account - whether primary or disposable. The hackers now have the opportunity to spam and/or test those email addresses against banks/retail/mail accounts etc. The issue is not about unique passwords, it's about unique email addresses. I respect your support for Eset but not your possibly over-confident attitude to secur
  2. Just to let you know that after over ten years using Nod32 AV I did not renew this year and chose an alternative product. I won't repeat all my previous comments but Nod32 just isn't the cutting edge leader it used to be. Moreover, Eset's development process seems blinkered and possibly under-resourced. I know it's not directly related (so don't get worked up over this) but last night's forum breach just felt like icing on the cake. But I would like to thank Eset for Nod32's many years of total reliability.
  3. Passing the buck to the 3rd party is all very well but Eset are in the security business and a security breach harms their credibility. Perhaps the lesson to learn is that Eset should not have used a third party. Or maybe the forum should have been left with Wilders where users perhaps would have been more careful in deciding what email address or profile information to provide. Users might assume their data is more secure on an official Eset forum. The answer "Who cares? Everything's been breached these days!" is no answer at all. If that's the attitude, why bother with any security?
  4. Swex Thanks for the reply; it's clear you feel as positive and loyal towards Nod as I used to. It's common in security software forums for people to suggest "Don't use X, switch to Y" and then go off topic for pages of what amount to no more than consumer loyalty. I don't plan to do that here. What I would say is that as someone who works in software, the suggestion to 'stop using X' isn't helpful and is not a solution. We have a quality assurance team who's job it is to test our software to destruction in all worst case hardware AND software scenarios. They work in conjunction wit
  5. Add me to the list for this one. When upgrading NOD I always have to: (1) uninstall outpost (2) uninstall Nod (3) install new Nod (4) reinstall outpost. Any kind of upgrade on top has always resulted in disaster. Usually, to get Outpost Web Control to work, I leave Nod32 compatibilty ticked during Outpost install. Web Control is still greyed out in Outpost but I make 3 changes to machine.ini to activate it and everything works fine. This method has worked well for years across different versions. I'd delayed upgrading NOD until a couple of days ago: 7.0.302.26 and so also upgraded
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