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  1. I was thinking of some text on an introductory level, for non-experts. But thank you for your help!
  2. I had not. Thank you. (This product is terribly tricky. Where can I read how to master all this? The manual is definitely too short)
  3. I did rm -rf /var/opt/eset/esets/lib/* /opt/eset/esets/sbin/esets_update --verbose systemctl start esets But eset crashed 3 minutes later
  4. @Peter+J.J. I have uploaded the eset_daemon.txt files to the same location as yesterday. But whe trying to tar the /tmp/bt* files I run into problems: linuxzwo:~ # tar cvfz /root/btesetsdaemon.tar.gz /tmp/bt* -bash: /bin/tar: Die Argumentliste ist zu lang The last line means "list of files to tar too long". I am unexperienced. What can I do?
  5. @J.J. I have done as required. Where to upload the file? In here no tgz allowed as it seems...
  6. Hi, I am more and more frustrated by the unstability of this product. Before Xmas I had the problem described here: I solved the issue as suggested in the thread. Now it seems that the problems are back again although nothing on my system was changed. linuxzwo:~ # systemctl status esets.service ● esets.service - ESET Scanner Daemon Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/esets.service; enabled; vendor preset: disabled) Active: inactive (dead) since Di 2021-01-26 10:55:25 CET; 54min ago Process: 1125 ExecStart=/opt/eset/esets/sbin/esets_daemon (code=exited, status=0/SUC
  7. Thank you. Interestingly, the situation has changed since yesterday. I disabled the systemd 'dumpcore' setting and since then no crashes anymore.
  8. And of course I have these error messages in huge amounts... linuxzwo:/var/lib/systemd/coredump # journalctl -u esets.service --since today -- Logs begin at Do 2018-05-24 12:39:35 CEST, end at Di 2018-10-30 10:52:51 CET. -- Okt 30 07:53:40 linuxzwo systemd[1]: Starting ESET Scanner Daemon... Okt 30 07:53:47 linuxzwo systemd[1]: Started ESET Scanner Daemon. Okt 30 07:54:35 linuxzwo esets_daemon[1498]: error[05da0000]: Child process esets_daemon[1499] did not handle signal 6, restart in 0 seconds Okt 30 07:54:38 linuxzwo esets_daemon[1498]: error[05da0000]: Child process es
  9. I did my update to v4.5.11. When I now look into systemd log I see messages from systemd-coredump indicating that core dumps are produced (without me having changed the call to eset as Peter has suggested yesterday). I now have lots of files like the ones below: -rw-r----- 1 root root 10502144 30. Okt 10:29 .#core.esets_daemon.0.1af8ba5fb87b4893bf02a64ba5a6c120.10384.1540891725000000.xzf32f3637adfa293c -rw-r----- 1 root root 217649152 30. Okt 10:29 .#core.esets_daemon.0.1af8ba5fb87b4893bf02a64ba5a6c120.10398.15408917470000000c2ff099ac94582b -rw-r----- 1 root root 5890048
  10. Thank you Krzysztof and Peter. Will update asap. But as for the remainder, I am not sure if I can manage such difficult jobs. As I said I am not a pro.
  11. Hi folks, I am having problems with ESET Mail Security v4.5.9 since Friday. Installed in March this year and everything was fine for months. And now all of a sudden the daemon seems to crash. It has happened several times since the first occurence. linuxzwo:/home/jb # systemctl status esets.service ● esets.service - ESET Scanner Daemon Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/esets.service; enabled; vendor preset: disabled) Active: inactive (dead) since Mo 2018-10-29 07:45:50 CET; 2h 1min ago Process: 1184 ExecStart=/opt/eset/esets/sbin/esets_daemon (code=exited, status=0/SUC
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