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  1. This account is used to login to my school server. For more information, I only have this problem on my Laptop. I use my Laptop at work, so I have to use "ITEDG25\nwy1" as login ID to access to to server. Sometimes I will login as "LAPTOP-RRGLMU8H\IAN" when I is not in office, this account is my primary account when I setup my Windows 10. Another odd thing is, I synchronize all Chromes on all computers with my Google accounts. Therefore, the apps I installed in Chrome on my Laptop will automatically installed on my home computer. But only my laptop shown the warning message. A
  2. I followed itmen's instructions set up a new HIPS, and just minutes ago, a warning is shown. Antivirus intersected and activity of "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Microsoft\Protect\S-1-96-82\RB_1.4.42.60.exe". I had a new log file and post here. eav_logs.zip
  3. Thank you itman, I had set up HIPS ruler and waiting for results. BTW, A new warning was shown. Something was trying to connect to an address "https://list-cloud.icu"
  4. I always show hidden folders and files, as well as system files. So I am pretty sure the folder "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Microsoft\Protect" is empty.
  5. you guys are correct! the folder mentioned C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Microsoft\Protect is empty. I believed I had infected by an unknown virus!
  6. I have no idea what is RB_1.4.42.60.exe, I didn't install game on chrome and my computer. I just add and app extension on chrome, I forgot its name, last week.
  7. Marcos, Here attached the log files. I wish it can help to solve the problem. thank you. eav_logs.zip
  8. Hi Macros, Can you teach me how to get ESET Log Collector logs? Thank you.
  9. Today I keep received warning from ESET antivirus that an internet address is blocked, as the image below, eventhough my browsers closed. I am using Windows 10 and Chrome, Am I infected by malware or something?? Please help! Thank you.
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