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  1. i think i found the exclusion... apparently i misunderstood what the profiles meant. I still had those checked for all files. I set them how i wanted and now it took.. so that problem is solved now. My question, what is wrong with hips now?
  2. well. with hips off, seems like the slowness is gone. I do not see the studdering in games... fyi, the game that i was testing was batman: arkham city. right now... nothing is scheduled and jpg are excluded. and it is scanning my jpgs. I am getting this from the statistics page under scanned object. I have the scan all files disabled under threatsense on every place i see... and it is still doing it.
  3. i have used the default in the past.. but i disable most of it now. I see it browsing the web, and especially games. just disabled hips... and rebooting.. i will report back.
  4. no worry's... I dont plan on being on the computer much the next few days anyways. I do have hips enabled... I have turned it off, but it wants to reboot which i can do in about an hour. Can I email you my xml config? or PM it?
  5. would it help if i exported my config for you to look at?
  6. on a related note... can eset 4 be installed on win8.1? just asking because that was by far the fastest version.
  7. as i stated in another thread, eset 7 is the slowest of the bunch. I run win8.1 with 16G ram and 24 TB of disk with ssd as boot volume. I get studdering. I have tried to disable as much as I can. It seems to want to scan everything even with the exclusions list active. I tend to enable only certain high risk extension. I am really bummed because this is still my favorite av but have not been happy with performance. I have reinstalled it and await your help on it.
  8. I will open up a separate thread for this... and I will reinstall it again.
  9. We'd really like to investigate your issue as version 6/7 should be the lightest in terms of footprint thanks to LiveGrid. I assume that you use default settings and have Smart optimization as well as LiveGrid enabled, do you? Please create a new topic with this issue or send me a pm with information if disabling real-time protection or any of the other protection modules makes the performance issue go away. I can answer that now... disabling real time scan does not help the performance issue... just uninstalling eset does it. I am not running it now because of this. And to add, I was serious about every version getting slower. Eset 4 AV screamed on the same hardware with windows 7.
  10. ok... then tell me why when i remove eset, my system gets much faster. I have tried it many times and over several reloads. It impacts my gaming badly and you see it studdering which i do not have with windows defender or avast.
  11. amd 1090T overclocked to 3.8Ghz with 16GB memory and 24 TB of disk with 256G SSD and nvidia titan. It isn't my box. I uninstall it and load up something like avast or just use windows defender and my system is much faster. eset 4 was much faster on my old q6600. no... just eset and just run the av... not the full suite.
  12. eset 7 is heavy... heavier than 6 which was heavier than 5 which was heavier than 4. Man I long for the eset 4 nod32 days. I wonder if eset 4 would run on win8.1
  13. i have told nod32 to exclude several extensions. But if i go into Protection Statistics, i see they are getting scanned regardless. Is this a bug in 7?
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