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  1. For reference only https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/236534-have-i-been-affected/ As for BSOD between ESET and Malwarebytes I'm not aware of any such reports on our Forums or Helpdesk ever. We have millions of users and quite a few running both products and reporting it works well for them.
  2. Hello Bummer Man, As long as you have a legal lifetime license and the receipt for it then yes, it will always continue to always be valid. The issue is that many unscrupulous people have illegally sold lifetime licenses derived from cracks, keygens, etc. If one of those were sold to you from places like eBay or similar then it is quite possible the license is not valid. You can contact myself or our Helpdesk if you'd like us to check on your license for verification. Thank you Ron, Forum Community Manager at Malwarebytes
  3. Hello monbonita96, the IP is not blocked. That is a shared IP provided by Amazon S3 for multiple sites. The link we block is for the following site as it is spreading malicious files. I don't believe it is/was part of the letter from ESET it could be due to some advertisement that is crossed linked maybe. It would take more analysis to see if we're able to verify the actual source as it could also be offline now. These type of Ads change rapidly to avoid take-down notices, etc. f.cl.ly Example of files they're spreading HXXp://f.cl.ly/items/291u0Y0G2c381O3H2O22/DSC_0024.exe Thank you Forum Manager, Malwarebytes
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